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Marino's The ICU Book
Author(s): Paul L Marino
ISBN: 9781451188691
Publisher: Lippincott Williams Wilkins - 2014
Availability: stoc permanent
Price: 370,60 lei 294,30 lei
Promotion is valid until 30.11.2015
A fundamental and respected resource book in critical care, The ICU Book, Fourth Edition, continues to provide the current and practical guidance that have made it the best-selling text in critical care. » ...more
The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics, Print + Online
Author(s): Hemant Godara M.D.
ISBN: 9781451188516
Publisher: Lippincott Williams Wilkins - 2014
Price: 294,30 lei
For the past 65 years, The Washington Manual® of Medical Therapeutics, now in its Thirty-Fourth Edition, has been one of the best selling medical texts in the world. It builds upon that proud tradition--with » ...more
Fields Virology
Author(s): Knipe, David M.
ISBN: 9781451105636
Publisher: Lippincott Williams Wilkins - 2013
Price: 1635,00 lei 1417,00 lei
Promotion is valid until 17.05.2016
Fields Virology is the authoritative reference book for virology, providing definitive coverage of all aspects of virology, including thorough coverage of virus biology as well as replication and medical » ...more
Psychiatry Bullets
Author(s): Mimi W Thein MD
ISBN: 9781609134501
Publisher: Lippincott Williams Wilkins - 2011
Price: 348,80 lei 305,20 lei
Promotion is valid until 31.05.2015
Developed by the author to use in her own preparation for standardized psychiatry examinations and honed in her lectures to psychiatry house officers at Harvard, Psychiatry Bullets offers outlines, lists, » ...more
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Nursing Diagnosis: Application to Clinical Practice
Author(s): Lynda Juall Carpenito-Moyet
ISBN: 9780781777926
Publisher: Lippincott Williams Wilkins - 2009
Price: 218,00 lei
Revised to incorporate the 2009/2010 NANDA-approved nursing diagnoses, the Thirteenth Edition of this classic text offers definitive guidance on key elements of nursing diagnosis and its application to » ...more
Atlas of Airway Management: Techniques and Tools
Author(s): Orebaugh, Steven L.; Bigeleisen, Paul E.
ISBN: 9781451103397
Publisher: Lippincott Williams Wilkins - 2012
Price: 479,60 lei
Clinical applications in airway management are dependent on both the anatomy of the individual, and the individual's co-morbidities, with different tools available for different patient presentations. » ...more
The Trauma Manual: Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Author(s): Andrew Peitzman MD, FACS ; Michael Rhodes MD, FACS;C. William Schwab, MD, FACS; Donald M. Yealy, MD, FACEP, Timothy C. Fabian
ISBN: 9780781762755
Publisher: Lippincott Williams Wilkins - 2008
Availability: lichidare de stoc
Price: 218,00 lei 141,70 lei
Promotion is valid until 30.09.2014
The thoroughly updated Third Edition of this popular and widely used pocket reference guides the trauma team through every aspect of patient care after injury--from prehospital care, to resuscitation, » ...more
Visual Handbook of Pediatrics and Child Health: The Core
Author(s): Stephen Ludwig MD
ISBN: 978-0-7817-9505-0
Publisher: Lippincott Williams Wilkins - 2008
Price: 327,00 lei
Edited by a well-known expert at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, this comprehensive handbook combines a full-color atlas featuring over 1, 100 illustrations with a detailed text covering all aspects » ...more
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Robbins and Cotran Atlas of Pathology
Robbins and Cotran Atlas of Pathology
Saunders Publisher
218,00 lei 196,20 lei
Is valid until 09.07.2015
The SAGE Reference Series on Disability
The SAGE Reference Series on Disability
Sage Publishing Publisher
1853,00 lei 1667,70 lei
Is valid until 15.07.2015
Expert Differential Diagnoses: Brain and Spine Book with Companion Online eBook
Author(s): Anne G Osborn MD, FACR
ISBN: 978-1-931884-02-0
Publisher: Lippincott Williams Wilkins - 2009
Price: 1090,00 lei
Part of the brand-new Expert Differential Diagnoses series, this unique print-and-electronic reference will guide radiologists toward logical, on-target differential diagnoses based on key imaging findings » ...more
Essential Forensic Neuropathology
Author(s): Juan C Troncoso MD; Ana Rubio MD, PhD; David R Fowler MB, ChB
ISBN: 978-0-7817-7869-5
Publisher: Lippincott Williams Wilkins - 2009
Price: 599,50 lei
This book is written for pathologists and trainees in forensic pathology and neuropathology who will have to conduct forensic neuropathology autopsies. It will provide them with the basic knowledge to » ...more
Biopsy Interpretation of the Uterine Cervix and Corpus
Author(s): Anais Malpica MD
ISBN: 978-0-7817-8779-6
Publisher: Lippincott Williams Wilkins - 2009
Price: 654,00 lei 545,00 lei
Promotion is valid until 30.04.2015
This new volume of the Biopsy Interpretation Series addresses biopsies of the uterine cervix and corpus (endometrium) in one text. It provides a practical approach to some of the most common biopsy material » ...more
Diagnostic Pathology: Gastrointestinal
Author(s): Joel Greenson MD
ISBN: 978-1-931884-26-6
Publisher: Lippincott Williams Wilkins - 2009
Price: 1308,00 lei
Designed as an easy-to-use and comprehensive reference for practicing pathologists, Diagnostic Pathology: Gastrointestinal is the highly anticipated first volume in the Diagnostic Pathology™ series offered » ...more
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Marino's The ICU Book
Marino's The ICU Book
370,60 lei 294,30 lei
Fields Virology
Fields Virology
1635,00 lei 1417,00 lei
Psychiatry Bullets
Psychiatry Bullets
348,80 lei 305,20 lei
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