1. Find the title you are searching for.

You have a number of options available for your search:

  • Click on one of the domains listed on the left side of your screen. Repeat the action with any of the subdomains. The titles will be displayed in groups of ten. If you have not found the title you are searching for, search on the next page and so on.
  • Introduce in the field search (located up and right of your screen) all the known data about the title you are seaching for: title, author, publisher.
    [Note: the searching string should contain at least 3 characters]
  • If you are not satisfied with the results of this search try advanced search.

2. Add the titles you choose to your shopping cart.

You can do this by clicking on the add to cart button located right next to each title.

3. Check the contents of your shopping cart.

Click on the your cart button located up and right of your screen. You have now the possibility to make modifications and to see the total amount due for your shopping by clicking on recalculate button. 

4. Create an account

Fill in all mandatory fields. Otherwise your account will not be created.

5. Confirm the order

Make the order and wait for delivery. After you are notified by your local post office you should pay the cost of your order.