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2017-2018 Basic and Clinical Science Course (BCSC): Complete Print Set

2017-2018 Basic and Clinical Science Course (BCSC): Complete Print Set
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ISBN: 9781615258499
Anul publicarii: 2017
Pagini: 4847
Format: Paperback


Keep your ophthalmic knowledge current with the Academy's 2017-2018 Basic and Clinical Science Course (BCSC)BCSC is the most extensive compilation of ophthalmic scientific research and clinical experience, and it is continually updated by a faculty of more than 80 expert ophthalmologists. This unparalleled, all-encompassing 13-volume set enhances your clinical knowledge with numerous images, videos and self-assessment questions.

The Complete Print Set includes each of the 13 individual BCSC sections plus a Master Index. Each of the 13 sections include up-to-date clinical knowledge, concise information and tables, self-assessment questions and answers, photos and illustrations.

Most sections include access to online video demonstrations of clinical and surgical techniques. The videos can be viewed by scanning the QR codes within the books.

Section 5 (Neuro-Ophthalmology), Section 8 (External Disease and Cornea), and Section 13 (Refractive Surgery) have been completed revised for the 2017-2018 edition.


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