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2018 ICD-10-CM for Ophthalmology The Complete Reference

2018 ICD-10-CM for Ophthalmology
The Complete Reference
Price: 945,00 lei
Availability: upon order
ISBN: 9781681040936
Publishing Year: 2017
Pages: 223
Dimensions: spiral bound


Features new codes for five stages of myopic degeneration and low vision categories.

This book and Web-based online tool are the most complete resources for ophthalmic-specific diagnosis codes and the only ICD-10-CM reference available dedicated to ophthalmology. They're must-haves for precisely coding ophthalmic conditions now more challenging due to ICD-10's significant complexity and essential for maximizing reimbursement.

2018 Print Edition: The print edition of ICD-10-CM for Ophthalmology comes as a spiral-bound book. It includes:
  • New introduction referencing what payers do and don't require
  • ICD-10-CM conventions and guidelines
  • Alphabetical list of terms and corresponding codes
  • Tabular lists to diseases, injuries and external causes (organized to correspond with the official ICD-10-CM codebook for all of medicine)
  • Coding clues, symbols and guidelines for greater specificity and laterality
  • notes and terms
  • Table of neoplasms
  • Table of drugs and chemicals
  • Quick access to quick reference guides and decision trees by subspecialty


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