Addiction Medicine
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Addiction Medicine

PRP: 315,00 lei
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Preț: 220,50 lei
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ISBN: 9780198714750
Anul publicarii: 2016
Ediția: 2
Pagini: 672
Format: Paperback


  • Covers the emerging addictive disorders of gambling, online gaming and behavioural addictions
  • Covers all the specific psychoactive substance use disorders and treatment options
  • Describes the needs and relevant treatments for particular age and socio-economic groups together with the more complex clinical situations such as pain and dependence and psychiatric comorbidity
  • Features a series of appendices which provide summaries of concepts and practical tools to aid management

New to this Edition:

  • Contributors from 25 countries worldwide
  • References to evidence-based guidelines covering the major clinical syndromes
  • The contents have been expanded to include misuse of OTC opioids / prescribed opioids and anabolic steroids
  • Three new chapters on behavioural and electronic addictions, including gambling and internet based activities
  • More details on motivational interviewing, neurobiology, pharmacotherapy, and dual diagnosis

Substance use and related addictive disorders rate amongst the top four risk factors contributing to the global burden of disease and form an increasingly important part of medical and healthcare practice. Substance use disorders can cause, mimic, underlie or complicate a large number of common medical and psychiatric disorders. Making a correct diagnosis of the substance use disorder can facilitate clinical diagnosis, avoid unnecessary tests, shorten the hospital stay and make the clinician's and patient's life easier and safer.

Part of the successful Oxford Specialist Handbooks series, the second edition of Addiction Medicine is a concise and practical guide for students, practitioners of medicine and other health professions who come into contact with people with substance use disorders. Providing up-to-date practical assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management options, this edition expands on the first edition through updated content and global coverage of addiction medicine.

Edited by a global team of addiction specialists from multiple disciplines, Addiction Medicine, Second edition contains everything you need to know to assist in the assessment, diagnosis and clinical management of patients with substance use and related addictive disorders.


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