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Advanced Neuroradiology Cases Challenge Your Knowledge

Advanced Neuroradiology Cases Challenge Your Knowledge
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ISBN: 9781107088719
Anul publicarii: 2016
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Featuring atypical cases and focusing on advanced imaging techniques, this book presents a compilation of unusual CNS pathologies with characteristic imaging findings. The aim is to aid the speedy diagnosis of otherwise rarely encountered clinical conditions and improve patient care. Presented as more than 130 real cases with extensive imaging description and step-by-step guidelines on how to diagnose individual pathologies, each scenario is backed by the most up-to-date literature available. The cases include some of the most recently described clinical conditions. The case-based format and description of each clinical journey encourages readers to engage with the diagnostic process and facilitates self-study. This book is for any radiologist who practices neuroradiology, neuroradiology fellows, neuroimaging fellows, practicing neurologist and neurology residents.

  • Presents a unique and comprehensive collection of the rarest clinical conditions
  • Highly illustrated with more than 800 clinical images
  • Encourages a structured decision-making process towards a primary diagnosis

Table of Contents

Contents including case titles
List of contributors
Foreword Mauricio Castillo
Foreword Àlex Rovira
How to use this book
1. Neurodegenerative diseases: cases 1-20
2. Neurovascular diseases: cases 21-37
3. Neuroinfectious diseases: cases 38-50
4. Neuroinflammatory diseases: cases 51-59
5. Metabolic diseases involving central nervous system: cases 60-82
6. Central nervous system tumors: cases 83-117
7. Congenital diseases manifesting in adults: cases 118-137


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