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Ages & Stages Questionnaires®: Social-Emotional (ASQ®: SE-2): Starter Kit (English)

Ages & Stages Questionnaires®: Social-Emotional (ASQ®: SE-2): Starter Kit (English)
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ISBN: 9781598579611
Anul publicarii: 2015
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This convenient Starter Kit includes everything you need to start screening children with ASQ: SE-2, a box of 9 photocopiable paper masters of the questionnaires and scoring sheets, the ASQ: SE-2 CD-ROM, with printable PDF questionnaires, the ASQ: SE-2 Users Guide, and ASQ: SE-2 Quick Start Guide.

ASQ: SE-2 questionnaires are better than ever, with helpful new features like:
  • New 2 month questionnaire: Reliably screen and start monitoring children as young as 1 month, so critical interventions can start earlier.
  • Screen through kindergarten: Now you can screen children from 1 - 72 months with no gaps, so you can use ASQ: SE-2 through kindergarten and the transition to school.
  • New behavior and communication items designed to elicit parent concerns that may point to autism and early communication issues.
  • New data and cutoffs: ASQ: SE-2 is based on updated research and a large sample size of more than 14, 000 diverse children.
  • New monitoring zone that clearly identifies children who are close to the cutoff and should be monitored and rescreened.
  • Questionnaire items revised and refined based on user feedback, to help parents provide the best responses.
  • Sturdy, convenient new box with a handle for easy portability.

The Starter Kit is part of the ASQ: SE-2 screening system. ASQ: SE-2 is the NEW edition of the bestselling screener trusted to uncover possible social-emotional issues as early as possible during the crucial first 6 years of life. The 9 age-appropriate ASQ: SE-2 questionnaires effectively screen 7 key developmental areas: self-regulation, compliance, adaptive functioning, autonomy, affect, social-communication, and interaction with people.


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