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Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery

Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery
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Anul publicarii: 2010
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For more than 65 years, Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery has been a trusted source for detailed information on perioperative nursing. Well-known author and educator Jane C. Rothrock sets up a solid foundation for practice, and offers step-by-step instructions for over 400 surgical interventions as well as many minimally invasive surgical procedures, all backed by the latest research. More than 1, 000 full-color illustrations and photos depict procedures and methods, as well as surgical anatomy and instrumentation. This edition adds Rapid Response Team boxes with suggested interventions, plus coverage of new trends in patient and staff safety, the increase in interventional radiology, and the growth of outpatient ambulatory surgery. Alexander's gives you the tools you need to provide safe, cost-effective, high-quality patient care.

Unit 1: Foundations for Practice

1. Concepts Basic to Perioperative Nursing

2. Patient Safety and Risk Management

3. Infection Prevention and Control in the Perioperative Setting

4. Anesthesia

5. Positioning the Patient for Surgery

6. Sutures, Needles, and Instruments

7. Surgical Modalities

8. Wound Healing, Dressings, and Drains

9. Postoperative Patient Care and Pain Management

Unit 2: Surgical Interventions

10. Gastrointestinal Surgery

11. Surgery of the Liver, Biliary Tract, Pancreas, and Spleen

12. Repair of Hernias

13. Gynecologic and Obstetric Surgery

14. Genitourinary Surgery

15. Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery

16. Breast Surgery

17. Ophthalmic Surgery

18. Otorhinolarygologic Surgery

19. Orthopedic Surgery

20. Neurosurgery

21. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

22. Thoracic Surgery

23. Vascular Surgery

24. Cardiac Surgery

Unit 3: Special Considerations

25. Pediatric Surgery

26. Geriatric Surgery

27. Trauma Surgery

28. Interventional Radiology

29. Integrated Health Practices: Complementary and Alternative Therapies

30. Workplace Issues and Staff Safety
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