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Allergic and Immunologic Diseases A Practical Guide to the Evaluation, Diagnosis and Management of Allergic and Immunologic Diseases

Allergic and Immunologic Diseases A Practical Guide to the Evaluation, Diagnosis and Management of Allergic and Immunologic Diseases
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Allergic and Immunologic Diseases: A Practical Guide to the Evaluation, Diagnosis and Management of Allergic and Immunologic Diseases is a valuable resource for researchers and others involved in the day-to-day practice of allergy and immunology, with specific information, protocols and algorithms to guide their thinking. The book provides practical information and an explanation of why and how we do things, while also addressing the limitations of testing and treatment. Other sections focus on scientific based practices and the known pathophysiology of allergic and immunologic diseases, along with mechanisms of action in various treatment modalities. This book is unique in that it explains the rationale behind everything we do in allergy and immunology, hence it offers readers specific information on procedures and how to order tests and treat allergic and immunologic diseases.

Table of Contents

  • Section A: Background
    1. A history of allergy and immunology
    2. The development of clinical laboratory methods in the diagnosis of human disease
    3. Discoveries with significant impact in how we diagnosis and treat diseases
    4. Taking an allergy and immunology history and physical
    5. Basic genetics and epigenetics for the immunologist and allergist
    6. Immunological studies – utility and limitations
    7. Future developments and how they will impact the practice of medicine

    Section B: Diagnosis of allergic diseases
    8. Epicutaneous and intradermal skin testing
    9. The interpretation of epicutaneous and intradermal skin testing for foods
    10. The use of in vitro methods to evaluate allergy
    11. Food challenges
    12. Testing for the physical urticarias
    13. Techniques to evaluate asthma
    14. Drug allergy testing
    15. Sinus diseases and rhinolaryngoscopy
    16. Approach to the rash from an allergy/immunology perspective
    17. Patch testing and the evaluation of contact allergy
    18. Skin biopsies and their utility
    19. The evaluation of mast cell related disorders
    20. The evaluation of a patient with urticaria and angioedema
    21. Evaluating the patient with eosinophilia or eosinophilic disease
    22. Unproven and controversial testing methods in allergy and immunology

    Section C: Evaluation of immune function
    23. Testing for primary immunodeficiency
    24. Testing the innate immune system
    25. Testing the adaptive immune system
    26. Periodic fever syndromes and autoinflammatory diseases
    27. Immunological dysfunction disorders
    28. The AIDS workup
    29. Basic workup for autoimmune diseases
    30. Neuroimmunology
    31. Genetic testing

    Section D: Treatment of allergic and immunologic diseases
    32. Immunotherapy to environmental allergens
    33. Drug allergy desensitization methods
    34. Oral, sublingual and dermatologic immunotherapy to food allergens
    35. Conventional medications for the treatment of allergic diseases
    36. The new biologicals in allergy
    37. Action plans and quality of life evaluations
    38. The treatment of atopic dermatitis
    39. The recognition and treatment of anaphylaxis
    40. Treatment of venom and other insect allergies
    41. Drugs and treatment modalities for itch and hives
    42. Integrative medicine in allergy and immunology

    Section E: Treatment of immunological disorders
    43. Treatment of the patient with PIDD
    44. Management of autoinflammatory syndromes and periodic fevers
    45. Immunomodulatory pharmaceuticals for the treatment of immune dysfunction
    46. Bone marrow transplant for the patient with monogenic PIDD
    47. The immunological management of the solid-organ transplant patient
    48. Apheresis
    49. Pharmaceuticals for AIDS
    50. Gene therapy


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