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Anatomical Basis of Cranial Neurosurgery

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ISBN: 978-3-319-63596-5
Anul publicarii: 2018
Pagini: 464


  • Combines modern anatomy with the specific anatomical aspects of brain surgery
    Covers all aspects of modern neurosurgery taking the related specialties into consideration
    Summarizes the authors’ many years of teaching experience and integrates the latest developments in neurosurgery
  • Focuses on didactic drawings from the surgeon’s view and angle

This didactic book clearly and systematically describes the anatomical-surgical fundamentals of cranial neurosurgery, relating them to norm variants, imaging modalities and interdisciplinary aspects. All illustrations, hand drawn in ink by the first author, are simple and self-explanatory.

The book reflects the first author’s lifetime experience as an academic neurosurgeon and teacher, as well as the second author’s theoretical and practical knowledge of neurosurgical subspecialties such as epilepsy surgery.

In addition to its core audience in neurosurgery, it provides all connected disciplines, in particular neuroradiology, neurology, neuropathology, ENT surgery, maxillofacial surgery and eye surgery, with unique anatomical insights into the neurosurgeon’s perspective.


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