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Antibiotics What Everyone Needs to Know®

What Everyone Needs to Know®
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ISBN: 9780190663407
Anul publicarii: 2020
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Virtually everyone has taken antibiotics. They can be lifesavers — or they can be useless. But what are they? How are they used? And what happens as the effectiveness of antibiotics begins to decline?

Antibiotics: What Everyone Needs to Know® examines the personal and societal implications of our planet's most important — and arguably most overused — medications. In a question-and-answer format, it unpacks the most complicated aspects of this issue, including:

· How antibiotics are used (and overused) in humans, plants, and livestock
· The consequences to date, and the potential crisis ahead, as overuse of existing antibiotics breeds new resistance in bacteria
· How the globalized world enables antibiotic resistance more quickly
· Collateral damage, individually and societally, of antibiotic use
· The difficult decisions ahead related to medical care and the food system

Grounded in the latest scientific research and translated for general readers, Antibiotics: What Everyone Needs to Know® offers a clear-eyed overview of where we are, and what the future holds, as antibiotics lose their might.


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