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AO Principles of Fracture Management, (Vol. 1), Specific Fractures (Vol. 2), 2nd expanded edition, Book and DVDs

AO Principles of Fracture Management, (Vol. 1), Specific Fractures (Vol. 2), 2nd expanded edition, Book and DVDs
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ISBN: 9783131174420
Anul publicarii: 2007
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Hardcover (2 volumes), DVDs · 2100 illustrations (approx). and 500 pictures and x-rays · tables · 1000 (approx) pages... For more than forty years, the AO has -- true to its calling -- imparted the principles of fracture management by several publications and special courses worldwide. The second edition of the AO Principles of Fracture Management book has been fully updated and extended to describe the latest techniques and covers the complete content of the AO Principles Course of today. It is now published as a two-volume set and provides excellent guidance and expertise, compiled by nearly one hundred contributors, all of whom are renowned surgeons and members of the AO faculty. An exceptionally large number of new illustrations as well as animations and video clips turn this work not only into excellent reference books but make them unique learning tools. Both residents as well as advanced trauma surgeons will benefit from this concept. Volume 1 focuses on the basic knowledge and the principles of fracture management, eg, biomechanics, tools for reoperative planning, soft-tissue management, different methods of reduction and fixation, implants. Simultaneously, it addresses new issues pertaining to internal/external fixation, damage-control surgery, minimally invasive surgery, and biotechnology. Volume 2 focuses on the management of specific fractures in different anatomical areas. For each of these areas there is a separate chapter discussing the assessment of injuries, surgical anatomy, preoperative planning, surgical treatment, and postoperative care, while pointing out pitfalls and complications. New fixation techniques and implants have particularly been taken into account.


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