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Atkins' Physical Chemistry

Atkins' Physical Chemistry
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ISBN: 9780198769866
Anul publicarii: 2018
Ediția: 11
Pagini: 944


  • Highly respected and well-established text which evolves with every edition to meet the needs of current students
  • Exceptional mathematical support - including annotated equations, equation checklists, and chemists toolkit sections - enables students to master the maths that underlies physical chemistry
  • The development of problem solving and analytical skills is actively encouraged by frequent worked examples, self-tests, discussion questions, exercises, and problems
  • A range of other learning features, including brief illustrations and key concept checklists are incorporated throughout to aid students in their study of physical chemistry
New to this Edition:
  • Significant re-working of the books structure improves digestibility and flexibility; material has been broken down into short 'Topics' which are organised into 'Focus' sections
  • Three questions at the beginning of each topic engage and focus the attention of the reader: 'Why do you need to know this material?', 'What is the key idea?', and 'What do you need to know already?
  • Expanded and redistributed support includes new 'chemist's toolkits' which provide students with succinct reminders of mathematical, physical, and chemical concepts and techniques at the point of use
  • An alternative approach to derivation of equations is used to demonstrate the absolute centrality of mathematics to physical chemistry by bringing the reader to the point where progress can be made only by doing some maths. In this new 'How is that done' approach the reader is brought to a question, then the maths is used to show how it can be answered and progress made
  • Checklists of key concepts at the end of each topic reinforce the main take-home messages from the material just covered
  • End of Topic and Focus problems have been rewritten with the goal of leading the reader to a solution, breaking them down into clear steps and encouraging problem-solving skills


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