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ISBN: 978-0-12-621345-4
Publishing Year: 2005
Edition: 1
Pages: 120


Atlas of Ambulatory EEG is a first-of-its-kind publication in clinical neurophysiology, an atlas that comprehensively depicts normal, abnormal, and artifactual findings from actual ambulatory EEG recordings in a convenient and easily accessible format. As the use of ambulatory EEG has increased in recent years, the need for a concise atlas of ambulatory EEG has grown significantly, since ambulatory EEG tracings are subject to their own unique issues and artifacts, often not discussed in standard EEG atlases. This book begins with several chapters that introduce the history, technology, and clinical utility of ambulatory EEG. The bulk of the atlas consists of a page-by-page display of high-quality ambulatory EEG excerpts that are easy to review and come with short annotations describing the relevant findings. Atlas of Ambulatory EEG is a critical resource for anyone involved in the interpretation of ambulatory EEG studies.

Researchers in neurophysiology, neuroscience; neurologists.

Text chapters A brief history of ambulatory EEG (John R. Ives) Current ambulatory EEG technology (? K. Babu Krishnamurthy) The role of ambulatory EEG in clinical practice (Frank W. Drislane) Atlas Normal ambulatory EEG Examples Waking background (alpha, beta) Drowsy background (theta) Stages of sleep (delta, specific sleep morphologies) Normal variants Examples Psychomotor variant 14-and-6 Wicket spikes Mu rhythm Lambda waves POSTs BETS Ambulatory EEG artifacts Examples EKG artifact Chewing artifact Glossokinetic artifact Electrode artifact Head movement Muscle artifact Sweat artifact Abnormal ambulatory EEG Examples Epileptiform abnormalities o spike, spike-and-slow wave o sharp wave, sharp-and-slow wave o 3-per-second spike-and-slow wave o Temporal lobe seizure o Frontal lobe seizure -Nonepileptiform abnormalities o background slowing o focal slowing o others


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