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Atlas of electroencephalography - Volume 1: Awake and sleep EEG

Atlas of electroencephalography - Volume 1: Awake and sleep EEG
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ISBN: 978-2-7420-1590-0
Anul publicarii: 2019
Ediția: 3
Pagini: 392
Categoria: NEUROLOGY


Fully updated and revised, the 3rd edition of the Atlas of Electroencephalography volume 1: Awake and Sleep EEG, activation procedures and artifacts retains the format and presentation that made the previous editions successful.

It is the most comprehensive EEG atlas on activation procedures, artifacts and normal EEG, covering the full spectrum of normal and unusual patterns observed during wakefulness and sleep, in children and adults.

It will significantly help the visual analysis of EEG by neurologists and other specialists as well as technologists.

Electroencephalograms are shown in their native format, exactly as they appear in daily practice.

Each plate is analyzed, in order to highlight the most significant elements to be used in diagnosis and interpretation.

This 3rd edition includes a total of 180 EEG plates.


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