AUDIOLOGY Practice Management
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AUDIOLOGY Practice Management

AUDIOLOGY Practice Management
Preț: 210,00 lei
315,00 lei (-33,33%)
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ISBN: 9783131164124
Anul publicarii: 2008
Ediția: 2
Pagini: 416 pp, 79 tables, 93 illustrations


The new edition of Audiology: Practice Management provides a comprehensive overview of the most important topics for the successful operation of clinics and private practices. Practical guidelines help the reader master the technical, legal, and financial aspects of daily practice, from the fundamentals of HIPAA compliance, to infection control, to marketing strategies, to integrating quality control and quality improvement using the FOCUS-PDCA model. Leading professionals share their knowledge and expertise, providing the reader with recommendations for documentation, training and supervision, day-to-day accounting, managed care, and more.

# Numerous examples throughout the book aid comprehension of important concepts

# Chapter outlines rapidly acquaint reader with the topics to be discussed, offering a valuable context for reading and review

# Pearls, pitfalls, controversial points, and special considerations provide teaching points and useful recommendations

Audiology: Practice Management is one part of a three-volume series, which is completed by Audiology: Diagnosis and Audiology: Treatment. This book is an essential reference for audiology students and practicing audiologists, as well as for educators, and other health care practitioners participating in service delivery.


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