Autoimmunity In Psoriasis
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Autoimmunity In Psoriasis

Autoimmunity In Psoriasis
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First published in 1982: The book affords a fresh outlook on the nature of psoriasis. Dermatologists and dermatopathologists have long recognized that acanthosis together with hyperkeratosis and papillomatosis are characteristic features not only of psoriasis but all of many other skin diseases.


Table of Contents


Part 1: Concepts of Autoimmunity, Genetics, and Histology

1. Nature of Autoimmunity: Unified Concept and Other Theories as related to Psoriasis

Ernst H. Beutner

2. The Association of HLA and Psoriasis

Vera B. Morhenn and Eugene M. Farber

3. Histology of Psoriasis: the Role of Polymorphonuclear Neutrophiles

Stefania Jablonska, Olena Chowaniec, and Ewa Maciejowska

Part 2: Humoral Immune Responses in Psoriasis

4. Stratum Corneum Antigens and Antibodies as Revealed by Immune Adherence and Indirect Hemagglutination

Hans-Kristian Krogh and Olav Tonder

5. Immunofluorescence Findings on Stratum Corneum Antibodies, Antigens, and Their Reactions In Vitro and In Vivo as Related to Repair and Psoriasis

Ernst H. Beutner et al.

6. Immunofluorescence Studies on Stratum Corneum Antibodies

Walter L. Binder, Ernst H. Beutner, and Stefania Jablonska

7. IF Studies of Psoriatic Scales and Induced Psoriatic Lesions (Koebner Phenomenon)

Stefania Jablonska et al.

8. Chemotactic Factors in Psoriatic Scales

Hachiro Tagami and Shigeo Ofuji

9. Role of Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte Chemotaxis in Psoriasis

Enno Christopher, Jens-M. Schenker, and Andrzej Langner

10. Immunoglobulins and Rheumatoid factors in Psoriasis

Jean-Jacques Guilhou Clot, and Jean Meynadier

11. Immunopathologic Studies of the Joints in Psoriatic Arthritis

Ole Fyrand et al.

12. Stratum Corneum Antigens as related to Bacteria and Sweat

W. Clark Lambert and Ernst Beutner

Part 3: Cellular Responses in Psoriasis and Hypotheses on Their Role

13. Immunoinflammatory Phenomena in Psoriasis

Otto Brain-Falco and Reiner Scherer

14. Mononuclear Cell Function and its Relative Potential in the Pathogenesis of Psoriasis

Gerald Krueger and Warren W. Jederberg

15. Cellular factors in Psoriasis and Their Interaction with Humoral factors

Wieslaw Glinski

16. remission of Psoriasis During Peritoneal Dialysis. A Possible Role of Polymorphonuclear Leucocytes (PMNL) and Their Neutral Serine Proteinases in the Pathogenesis of the Disease

Wieslaw Glinski and Stefania Jablonska

17. Neutrophil Function in Psoriasis: Increased Adherence and Enhanced Superoxide Generation

Paul R. Bergstresser, Julie B. Sedgwick, and Eric R. Hurd

18. Studies on Cellular Aspects of the Immune Response in Psoriasis

Jacques Clot and Jean-Jacques Guilhou

19. Hypothetical Role of Immunological Factors in Psoriasis

Jean-Jacques Guilhou, Jacques Clot, and Jean Meynadier

Part 4: Methods for Studies of Immnune and Cellular Responses in Psoriasis

20. Immune Adherence and Indirect Hemagglutination Tests for Detection of Stratum Corneum Antibodies

Hans-Kristian Krogh and Olav Tonder

21. Methods for Immunofluorescence Studies of Stratum Corneum Antibodies

Ernst H. Beutner,. Walter L. Binder, and Vijay Kumar

22. Methods for Chemotaxis Studies of Psoriatic Scales

Hachiro Tagami and Shigeo Ofuji

23. Hemadsorption Techniques for the In Situ Characterization of Monoclear Cells in Tissue

Olav Tonder and Hans-Kristian Krogh


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