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Bailey & Love's Essential Clinical Anatomy

Bailey & Love's Essential Clinical Anatomy
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ISBN: 9781138295186
Anul publicarii: 2019
Pagini: 464
Format: paperback


This essential companion to Bailey & Love's Short Practice of Surgery covers the clinical conditions most commonly encountered by medical students, junior clinicians, and surgeons in training.

This is clinical anatomy at its best!

Structured by body region, each chapter includes plentiful clinical photographs and images supplementing the high-quality anatomical diagrams, using the best modality to demonstrate anatomical relevance. Highlighted descriptions of clinical relevance emphasise the integrated approach so central to current teaching practice, and facilitated by the wealth of both clinical and anatomical experience of the distinguished author team.


Table of Contents

The Thorax. Thoracic Wall and Diaphragm. Thoracic Cavity. Mediastinal Structures. The Pleura and Lungs. The Abdomen. The Abdominal Wall and Peritoneum. The Abdominal Alimentary Tract. The Liver, Spleen and Pancreas. The Kidneys And Posterior Abdominal Wall. The Pelvis. The Perineum. The Back. The Vertebral Column. The Upper Limb. The Shoulder Region. The Elbow and Forearm. The Wrist and Hand. The Lower Limb. The Hip and Thigh. The Knee, Leg and Dorsum of the Foot. The Foot. The Head and Neck. The Skull, Scalp and Face. The Orbit, Nose and Mouth. The Temporomandibular Joint, Pharynx and Larynx. The Ear, Intracranial Region and Cranial Nerves. The Neck. The Vessels, Nerves and Lymph Drainage. The Meninges and Blood Supply.


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