Behavioral Neuroscience
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Behavioral Neuroscience

Behavioral Neuroscience
Preț: 668,22 lei
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ISBN: 9781605359076
Anul publicarii: 2019
Ediția: 9
Pagini: 840
Format: hardcover


  • Learning is supported by a best-in-class full-color art program, including hundreds of original illustrations that make it easy to understand structures, mechanisms, and processes in the brain. Many additional graphical elements have been reproduced from primary research sources, bringing the learner closer to the science behind the subject matter.
  • Every chapter includes a special feature called "The Cutting Edge" that highlights an up-to-the-moment discovery or technical innovation, while illustrating the logic and methodology of experimentation and hypothesis testing
  • Each chapter ends with a unique feature, the "Visual Summary," a poster-like layout that provides a graphical review of the major topics of the chapter and directs students to the interactive online version that pulls up figures and animations to reinforce each point
  • The text is supported by a rich array of internet-based resources, including a clearinghouse of more than 25, 000 web links sorted by chapter and topic
  • More than 400 new citations keep the text current and an excellent resource

New to this Edition:

  • New and substantially updated material in every chapter--and hundreds of new research citations--reflect the most recent developments in the field
  • Chapter-opening vignettes help students put the material into a relatable human context and Cutting Edge elements discuss current topics in every chapter
  • New Learning Objectives in every chapter frame what students are expected to learn by the end of each section
  • Test Bank questions now align with the new Learning Objectives to aid instructors in creating assessments that more accurately measure student mastery of key concepts
  • The addition of assignable questions to the animations and figure questions in the test bank support instructors' teaching and assess what students have learned from these visuals
Instructors of behavioral neuroscience are faced with the challenge of how to teach the course's complex material in an accessible and relatable, yet comprehensive way for undergraduate students. For more than twenty years, Breedlove and Watson's Behavioral Neuroscience has successfully solved these problems by presenting the most current, definitive, clear, and authoritative introduction to the field. Using stellar examples of today's most exciting research, an unparalleled art program that clarifies even complex biological processes, visual summaries to remind students of the principle findings presented in each chapter, and a comprehensive suite of digital support tools--including animations with built-in assessments that help test the student's knowledge of biological and behavioral processes and neuroanatomy--Behavioral Neuroscience, Ninth Edition, remains the best resource available to teach introductory neuroscience and behavioral neuroscience courses.


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