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Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology Volume One: The Archaea and the Deeply Branching and Phototrophic Bacteria

Price: 892,50 lei
Availability: upon order
ISBN: 978-1-4419-3159-7
Publishing Year: 2001
Edition: 2
Pages: 722
Dimensions: paperback


From the reviews of the second edition:

"The second edition of this well respected set is in the process of being published. This review is based on volume 1 … and there are 5 volumes expected for completion. Volume 1 contains a wealth of information, particularly in background material. … Bergey’s Manuals are well-known, authoritative works in the field of bacteriology. This new edition is no exception, and should be included in all academic libraries and collections supporting research in this field." (Teresa Bowden, E-Streams, Vol. 5 (10), October, 2002)

"At first glance, the first and second editions of the determinative Manual look reassuringly similar. … More careful examination reveals a massive transformation; systematic bacteriology has changed for ever. … Happily the changes are reflected in the growth of the introductory chapter …. The reading of these generally well-written introductory chapters is essential for the proper understanding and use of the new edition. … the manual has developed greatly, its standard of excellence remains unchallenged." (Max Sussmann, Microbiologist, Vol. 4 (1), 2003)

"The second edition of Bergey’s Manual is finally arriving on our bookshelves and promises to be well worth the wait. … The Second Edition continues the high reputation of earlier volumes in the delivery of the descriptions of taxa. … One of the delights of the book is the extensive range of beautiful photomicrographs of obscure and bizarre microbial cells. This book is an essential purchase for the library and, given the reasonable price, well worth considering by the individual microbiologist …." (Fergus Priest, Microbiology Today, Vol. 29, 2002)


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