Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Disease
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Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Disease

Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Disease
Preț: 451,50 lei
535,50 lei (-15,69%)
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ISBN: 9780323548359
Anul publicarii: 2019
Pagini: 198


Get a quick, expert overview of the ways in which biomarkers can be used to assess and guide the management of cardiovascular disease in the clinical setting. This concise, clinically-focused resource by Dr. Vijay Nambi consolidates today's available information on this rapidly changing topic into one convenient resource, making it an ideal, easy-to-digest reference for cardiology practitioners, fellows, and residents.

Key Features
  • Covers lab standards and statistical interpretation of biomarkers with a clinical focus.
  • Discusses relevant conditions such as hypertension and diabetes as key markers of injury and prognosis.
  • Includes current information on biomarkers to assess and guide the management of heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, chest pain, shortness of breath, and more.
  • Concludes the book with a timely chapter on how biomarkers may guide cardiologists in the future.


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