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Boatbuilding Manual

Boatbuilding Manual
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ISBN: 9780070613768
Publishing Year: 1993
Edition: 4
Pages: 372
Category: SAILING


Boatbuilding Manual is the classic manual in its field, having been used for years as a professional reference as well as a standard text at both boatbuilding and design schools. Like its predecessors, this edition emphasizes traditional wooden construction but also surveys plywood, wood-epoxy, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and other boatbuilding methods, and is thoroughly updated with respect to modern tools and materials. Throughout the book, Steward recommends products, materials, and services that he has either used or regards highly, saving the amateur (and professional!) from ferreting out these sources.

Table of contents

Preface to the First Edition
1 General
2 Plans
3 Tools
4 Woods
5 Fiberglass and Other Hull Materials
6 Fastenings
7 Lines and Laying Down
8 Molds, Templates, and the Backbone
9 Setting Up
10 Framing
11 Planking
12 Deck Framing
13 Decking
14 Deck Joinerwork
15 Interior Joinerwork
16 Finishing
17 Sailboat Miscellany
18 Steering
19 Tanks, Plumbing, Etc.
20 Mechanical and Electrical
21 Potpourri
22 Safety
I: Sharpening Tools
II: The Metric System of Measurement
III: Sources
IV: Recommended Reading


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