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British National Formulary for Children 2020-2021

British National Formulary for Children 2020-2021
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The British National Formulary for Children is the first choice for concise medicines information for children.
Trusted by healthcare professionals across the world to support confident decision-making at the point of care.
The new edition provides up-to-date guidance on prescribing, dispensing, and administering medicines to children, plus legal and professional guidelines.
Recommendations in the BNF for Children have been constructed on the basis of authoritative sources, emerging evidence, best practice guidelines and advice from a network of paediatric experts. The process is overseen by a paediatric formulary committee.
Extensive content updates in the BNFC 2020-21 edition include:
New monographs on:
  • Gilenya ® [fingolimod] for multiple sclerosis
  • Mozobil ® [plerixafor] to mobilise haematopoietic stem cells to peripheral blood for collection and subsequent autologous transplantation in patients with lymphoma or solid malignant tumours
  • Renapime ® [cefepime] for bacterial infection
MHRA advice
  • Domperidone for nausea and vomiting: lack of efficacy in children; reminder of contra-indications in adults and adolescents
Dose changes
  • Epipen ®preparations (adrenaline/epinephrine) [body-weight ranges for children’s dosing updated]
  • Idursulfase [updated age range]
  • Qvar ® (beclometasone dipropionate) [age-range extension]
Update guidance on Rotavirus vaccine: updated guidance in-line with Public Health England recommendations.
Updated guidance on depression
Updated guidance on gastro-oesophageal reflux disease


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