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Brocklehurst's Textbook of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology Expert Consult - Online and Print

Brocklehurst's Textbook of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology Expert Consult - Online and Print
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Anul publicarii: 2010
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This new edition of Brocklehurst's Textbook of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology builds on the structure and content of previous editions. Four sections cover gerontology, clinical geriatric medicine, problem-based geriatrics, and health systems and geriatric medicine. The most important feature of this new edition is the increased emphasis on clinical practice - practising geriatricians will be able to turn to Brocklehurst's sixth edition and easily find the answer to both common and rarer clinical problems.


"This textbook will remain in demand" - Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

"Shines like a beacon" - Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

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* Instruments and guidelines clearly flagged up within the book

* Summary boxes at the end of each chapter highlight key points

* Investigations for specific disorders are summarised in either table form or flow chart

* Management of illness is emphasised with further recommendations. Where possible a box (summary of management options box) will indicate the management plan

* Includes a chapter on technology and the future

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What's New

* New chapters on :

* Biology of aging

* Productive aging

* Successful aging

* Depression

* Alzheimer's disease

* Vascular dementia

* Techniques & therapy of rehabilitation

* Overview of UK long term care

* Long term care in Asia and Japan

* Long term care in developing countries

* Managed care (USA)

* Service design (UK & Europe)

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SECTION ONE: Gerontology

Mission Statement

1. Preventive and Anticipatory Care: Idris Williams

2. The Epidemiology of Aging: Emily Grundy

3. Health and Life Expectancy: Kenneth G Manton

4. Evolution Theory and the Mechanisms of Aging: TBL Kirkwood

5. Genetic Mechanisms: Gordon Lithco

6. Cellular Mechanisms of Aging: Ioan Davies

7. Physiology of Aging: EJ Masoro

8. Connective Tissues and Aging: Nicholas A Kefalides

9. Clinical Immunology of Aging: Stefan Gravenstein, Howard Fillit, William B Ershler

10. Normal Cognitive Aging: P Rabbit

11. The Aging Personality and Self: K Warner Schaie

12. The Pharmacology of Aging

13. Anit-aging Interventions: Arthur Balin, Kronos foundation

14. Biology of Aging: Richard Sprott

15. Social Gerontology

16. Methodologic Problems in Research on Aging: John D Sorkin, Leslie I Katzel

17. Productive Aging (to include retirement, grandparenting, working ethos)

18. Succesful Aging: Jack Rowe, Robert Kahn

19. Social Gerontology

SECTION TWO: Geriatric Medicine - Basic Principles of Clinical Geriatrics

20. Health Promotion and Physical Activity: David C Kennie, Susie Dinan, Archie Young

21. Rehabilitation: D Barer

22. Palliative Care: John Welsh and Mari Fallon

23. Ethical Issues in Geriatric Medicine: John Harris

24. Presentation of Disease in Old Age

25. Multidimensional Geriatric Assessement: Laurence Z Rubenstein, Lisa V Rubenstein

26. Biochemical Tests: Laszlo Sarkozi

27. Social Assessment of Geriatric Patients: Rosalie A Kane

28. Surgery and Anesthesia in Old Age: D Gwyn Seymour

Cardiovascular Disease

29. Effects of Aging on the Heart: Wilbert S Aronow

30. Cardiovascular Signs in Old Age: Shaun Timothy O'Keeffe, Michael Lye

31. Atherosclerosis and Lipid Metabolism: Robert W Stout

32. Chronic Cardiac Failure in the Elderly: Michael Lye

33. Diagnosis and Management of Ischemic Heart Disease in the Elderly: Gary Gerstenblith

34. Hypertension: John Potter

35. Valvular Heart Disease in Old Age

36. Cardiac Arrhythmias

37. Vasular Surgery: UJ Kirkpatrick, CN McCollum

38. Venous Thrombotic Disease and Varicose Ulcers

The Nervous System

39. Neurobiology of Aging: David Michael Andrew Mann

40. Neurologic Signs in Old Age: Jeffrey Cummings

41. Epilepsy: Raymond Tallis

42. Syncope: Rose Ann Kenny

43. Headache and Facial Pain: C Clough and G Saldhana

44. Stroke - Pathology and Epidemology: Shah Ebrahim

45. Stroke - Clinical Presentation and Management: Lalit Kalra

46. Stroke - Organization of Services: Martin Dennis

47. Disorders of the Autonomic Nervous Stystem

48. Parkinsonism and Other Movement Disorders: Jolyon Meara

49. Myasthenic Syndromes: Mark Roberts

50. Peripheral Neuropathies in the Elderly: Brion D Reichler, David M Simpson

51. Intracranial Tumors: David H Rosenbaum

52. Disorders of the Spinal Cord and Nerve Roots: RA Cowie

53. Head Trauma in the Geriatric Patient : Sheldon Jacobson

54. Infections of the Central Nervous System: Steven L Berk, James W Myers

55. Aging and Disorders of the Eye: Scott E Brodie

56. Disorders of Hearing: Barbara E Weinstein

57. Disturbances of Homeostasis: Michael Lye

58. Delirium: AJD Macdonald

59. Classification of the Dementias: David Neary, Julie S Snowden

60. Dementia: Clinical Presentation and Management : Alistair Burns

61. Functional Psychiatric Illness in Old Age: Vivienne Watkin, Cornelius Katona

62. Depression

63. Alzheimer's Disease: Gordon Wilcock

64. Vascular Dementia: Hachinski

65. Psychology in the Diagnosis and Treatment of the Dementias: Rajendra Jutagir

66. Overview - Geriatric Gastroenterology: Seymour Katz

67. Aging and the Orofacial Tissues: Mark WJ Ferguson

68. The Upper Gastrointestinal Tract: John F Reinus, Lawrence J Brandt

69. The Pancreas

70. The Liver: Oliver FW James

71. Biliary Tract Disease

72. The Small Bowel: Christopher Rodrigues

73. The Large Bowel: Arnold Wald

74. Nutrition: Anita J Thomas

75. Obesity: Cyril Weinkove

The Urinary Tract

76. Aging of the Urinary Tract: Vanita Jassal, Howard Fillit, Dimitrios G Oreopoulos

77. Diseases of the Aging Kidney: Howard Fillit, Dimitrios G Oreopoulos

78. The Prostate: Replace author

Women's Health

79. Gynecologic Disorders in the Elderly: Alan DG Brown, Tara K Cooper

80. Carcinoma of the Breast: RE Mansel, RNL Harland


81. Aging and the Endocrine System: Ioan Davies

82. Pituitary and Adrenal Disorders in Old Age: Paul E Belchetz and Peter Hammond

83. Disorders of the Thyroid: Myron Miller

84. Disorders of the Parathyroids: Paul E Belchetz and Peter Hammond

85. Diabetes Mellitus in the Older Adult: Alan J Sinclair, Simon CM Croxson

The Respiratory System

86. Age-Related Changes in the Respiratory System: Martin J Connolly

87. Respiratory Diseases: Martin J Connolly

Musculoskeletal Disease

88. Muscle Strength

89. Aging and Neuromuscular Disease

90. Bone and Joint Aging: Paul Dieppe, Jonathan Tobias

91. Matabolic Bone Disease: RM Francis

92. Arthritis in the Elderly: David L Scott

93. Connective Tissue Disease: AJ Freemont

94. Orthopaedic Geriatrics: Elton Strauss

95. Injury in the Aging: Michael A Horan

96. Podiatry: Katherine Ward, Mark Kosinski


97. Aging and the Blood: Maria H Gilleece, T Michael Dexter

98. Blood Disorders and their Management in Old Age: Michael L Freedman, David G Sutin


99. Aging of the Skin: Christopher E M Griffiths

100. Skin Diseases and the Old Age: Barbara A Gilchrest

SECTION THREE: Problem-Based Geriatric Medicine

101. Drug Safety and Effectiveness in the Elderly

102. Geriatric Oncology: Margot Gosney

103. Constipation and Fecal Incontinence in Old Age: JC Brocklehurst

104. Urinary Incontinence: James Malone-Lee

105. Falls: Joanna H Downton

106. Pressure Sores - Etiology and Prevalence: Gerald CJ Bennett

107. Pressure Sore Prevention and Management: Gerald CJ Bennett

108. Sleep and Insomnia in Later Life: Kevin Morgan

109. Eating Disorders: Gerald Blandford

110. Pain Problems in Old Age: Benny Katz, Robert D Helme

111. Elder Abuse

112. Sexuality in Old Age: Robert N Butler, Nyrna I Lewis

113. Techniques & Therapy Rehabilitation: Pemeroy

SECTION FOUR : Health Systems & Geriatric Medicine

114. The Elderly in Society - An International Perspective: Robert N Butler, Mia Oberlink, Malvin Schechter

115. Geriatric Medicine - History and Current Practice in Europe: JC Brocklehurst, JL Dall

116. Geriatrics in North America: William H Barker

117. Future Prospects for Geriatric Medicine in the Developing Countries: Alexandre Kalache

118. Long-Term Care - UK: JC Brocklehurst

119. The American Nursing Home: Joseph G Ouslander

120. Pschogeriatric Services: Tom Arie, David Jolley

121. The Geriatric Day Hospital: JC Brocklehurst

122. Quality Improvement: Edward Dickinson

123. Home Care, UK, EUO & USA

124. Managed Care, UK & USA

125. Service Design, UK


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