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Buschbacher's Manual of Nerve Conduction Studies

Buschbacher's Manual of Nerve Conduction Studies
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ISBN: 9781620700877
Anul publicarii: 2016
Ediția: 3
Pagini: 320
Format: Spiral bound
Categoria: NEUROLOGY


"Overall, this is an excellent book to have at the bedside or in the lab for a quick reference. The statistic junkies out there will love it and use it daily. The book is small enough to be used in the lab or taken on portable studies…[A] great reference book for both physicians and technologists alike. I recommend it highly."

--The Neurodiagnostic Journal

The gold standard in many EMG labs, this manual is a practical working reference for performing a wide variety of common nerve conduction studies. It provides both practicing clinicians and trainees with an impressive database of reference values they can use to interpret nerve conduction results with confidence. The third edition is revised to deliver an up-to-date set of reference values that take into account age, sex, height, and body mass index for a wide range of demographic groups. Two new authors bring a novel clinical perspective to the book along with valuable tips and pearls to help the busy electromyographer conduct more effective studies and make a more informed diagnosis.

The third edition includes updated nomenclature and methodology for conducting nerve conduction tests along with supportive evidence to bolster all recommendations. New illustrations and diagrams supplement precise descriptions of electrode placements and study techniques. Additionally, the authors codify the acceptable differences in latency, amplitude, and nerve conduction velocity between nerves of the same or opposite limbs to foster a more precise diagnosis. Recently updated references and suggested readings for each study provide the opportunity for more in-depth learning.

For determining reference values for any patient, or for review of a specific nerve conduction technique, this third edition of Buschbacher's Manual of Nerve Conduction Studies is essential for physicians and technologists alike.

Key Features:

  • New references, technique descriptions, and drawings bring the classic manual up to date
  • Provides clinical pearls and tips for performing each study
  • A new Appendix covers common anomalous innervations such as the Martin-Gruber Anastomosis
  • Offers a current, comprehensive set of reference values for clinical use
  • Discusses advantages and pitfalls of alternative techniques
  • Includes schematics to illustrate optimal electrode placement and typical waveform appearance


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