Calculation of Drug Dosages
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Calculation of Drug Dosages

Calculation of Drug Dosages
Preț: 349,65 lei
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ISBN: 9780323551281
Anul publicarii: 2020
Ediția: 11
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Covering the ratio and proportion, formula, and dimensional analysis methods of drug calculation, Calculation of Drug Dosages, 11th Edition is designed to help you master these methods. A basic review of mathematics serves to refresh your skills if you are weak or inexperienced in math, and plenty of practice problems help you become competent in making drug calculations. Known for its worktext format, this text offers multiple worksheets pre-and post-tests and a comprehensive post-test - making it ideal to be used in the classroom or for individual study. Streamlined and updated to reflect current practice, this resource helps you learn to calculate drug dosages accurately and with confidence.

Key Features
  • UPDATED! Safety in Medication Administration chapter reflects current standards.
  • UPDATED! Pediatric and Obstetric chapters revised by expert contributors.
  • UPDATED! The Intake and Output section includes additional questions to reinforce your understanding.
  • UPDATED! Medications changed to generic names to reflect what you will encounter on the NCLEX®.
  • UPDATED! Physician orders sheet and medication administration records (MAR's) reflect the look of electronic records currently used in practice.  
  • An extensive math review covers the basic math skills essential for accurate calculation of drug dosages.
  • Chapter worksheets allow you to practice solving realistic problems.
  • Post-tests at the end of each chapter let you assess your understanding of content.
  • An Alert box highlights information crucial to math calculation and patient safety.
  • A comprehensive post-test at the end of the book offers additional practice and accurately gauges your overall understanding.
  • A logical structure is organized from simple to complex, helping you to absorb and retain knowledge.
  • UPDATED! Medication labels have been updated.


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