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Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Volume 1 of Delivery Strategies and Engineering Technologies in Cancer Immunotherapy

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Delivery Technologies for Immuno-Oncology: Volume 1: Delivery Strategies and Engineering Technologies in Cancer Immunotherapy examines the challenges of delivering immuno-oncology therapies. Immuno-oncology (IO) is a growing field of medicine at the interface of immunology and cancer biology leading to development of novel therapeutic approaches, such as chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) and immune checkpoint blockade antibodies, that are clinically approved approaches for cancer therapy. Although currently approved IO approaches have shown tremendous promise for select types of cancers, broad application of IO strategies could even further improve the clinical success, especially for diseases such as pancreatic cancer, brain tumors where the success of IO so far has been limited.

Nanotechnology-based targeted delivery strategies could improve the delivery efficiency of IO agents as well as provide additional avenues for novel therapeutic and vaccination strategies. Additionally, a number of locally-administered immunogenic scaffolds and therapeutic strategies, such as the use of STING agonist, could benefit from rationally designed biomaterials and delivery approaches.

Delivery Technologies for Immuno-Oncology: Volume 1: Delivery Strategies and Engineering Technologies in Cancer Immunotherapy creates a comprehensive treaty that engages the scientific and medical community who are involved in the challenges of immunology, cancer biology, and therapeutics with possible solutions from the nanotechnology and drug delivery side. 

  • Comprehensive treaty covering all aspects of immuno-oncology (IO)
  • Novel strategies for delivery of IO therapeutics and vaccines
  • Forecasting on the future of nanotechnology and drug delivery for IO

Table of Contents

  1. The hallmarks of cancer and immunology
    2. Innate and adaptive immunity in cancer
    3. Inflammation and cancer
    4. Novel immunotherapeutic approaches to cancer: Voltage-gated sodium channel expression in immune cells and tumors
    5. Immunoediting and cancer priming
    6. Metabolic reprogramming and immunity in cancer
    7. Epigenetic programming of the immune responses in cancer
    8. Cellular therapeutics in immuno-oncology
    9. T-cell engaging bispecific antibody therapy
    10. Role of microbiome in cancer immunotherapy
    11. STING pathway and modulation for cancer immunotherapy
    12. Oncolytic viruses in immunotherapy
    13. Comparison of therapeutic strategies for immuno-oncology
    14. Intrinsic and acquired cancer immunotherapy resistance
    15. Preclinical and clinical toxicity of immuno-oncology agents and mitigation strategies


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