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Cardioprotective Natural Products Promises and Hopes

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ISBN: 9789813231153
Anul publicarii: 2017
Pagini: 356
Format: hardback


Cardioprotective Natural Products: Promises and Hopes focuses on the recent advances in the research of bioactive natural products with cardioprotective potential against various cardiovascular diseases/disorders. The aim of this book is to underline the promise and future hope in bioactive natural molecules, herbal formulations, natural dietary supplements and related materials in the prevention and cure of cardiovascular diseases in a scientific way.

This book, which comprises a variety of about 9 chapters written by active researchers and leading experts, brings together an overview of current discoveries and trends in this field. This volume is also an outstanding source of information with regard to the industrial application of natural products for medicinal purposes. The broad interdisciplinary approach adopted in this book ensures that it is much more interesting to scientists deeply engaged in the research and/or use of bioactive natural products. It will serve not only as a valuable resource for researchers in their own fields to predict promising leads for developing pharmaceuticals to prevent and treat disease manifestations, but will hopefully also motivate young scientists to engage in the dynamic field of natural products research.


  • Cardioprotective Natural Products: Promises and Hopes — An Overview (Goutam Brahmachari)
  • Naturally Occurring Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitors: A Group of Promising Cardioprotective Agents (Tayebeh Anajafi, Abbas Sedigh and Sanku Mallik )
  • Promising Natural Cardioprotective Agents in Drug- and Toxin-Induced Pathophysiology (Semantee Bhattacharya and Parames C Sil)
  • Natural Products Against Drug-Induced Cardiotoxicity (Meghana Koneru, Nasiruddin Nalban, Bidya Dhar Sahu and Ramakrishna Sistla )
  • Cardioprotective Potential of Medicinal Plants in Attenuating Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity (Sameer N Goyal, C R Patil, Nimisha Mishra, Rajesh Mohanraj and Shreesh Ojha)
  • Role of Dietary Supplements in Cardiovascular Diseases (Essam Abdel-Sattar, Soheir M El Zalabani and Manal M Sabry)
  • Beneficial Role of Antioxidant Molecules with Therapeutic Potential in Cardiac Disease (Jyotirmoy Ghosh, Krishnendu Sinha and Parames C Sil)
  • Small Molecule Phytocompounds as Promoters of LDL-Receptor and PCSK9 Inhibition: Potential Role as Non-Statin Based Cardio-Protective Agents (Ajoy Basak, Paul O'Reilly, Bethel Ozed Williams and Sarmistha Basak)
  • 7, 8-Dihydroxy-3-methylisochroman-4-one: A Promising Anti-Hypertensive Lead-Molecule from Banana (Musa sapientun L) Peel (Goutam Brahmachari)


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