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Carotid Artery Stenting Current Practice and Techniques

Carotid Artery Stenting Current Practice and Techniques
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Written by internationally recognized experts in interventional cardiology, this comprehensive clinical reference on carotid artery stenting provides illustrated, step-by-step descriptions of techniques and details on indications, contraindications, patient selection, complications, technology, and clinical trials. The first section reviews clinical results and experience, including the CAVATAS trial findings on stroke prevention. The second section describes stenting techniques and includes information from major trials on design and application of devices. The third section presents guidelines and current regulations on establishing a carotid stenting program. The book concludes with a preview of future directions.

Table Of Contents

Part One: Clinical Results and Experience

1. Obstructive Carotid Artery Disease and Evidence-Based Benefits of Revascularization
Alfredo M. Lopez-Yunez

2. Historical Background: 20 Years of Endovascular Therapy for Obstructive Carotid Artery Disease
Klaus Mathias

3. Immediate and Late Outcomes of Carotid Artery Stenting
Sumaira McDonald and Peter Gaines

4. The Global Carotid Artery Stent Registry
Michael Wholey, Nadim Al-Mubarak and Mark H. Wholey

5. Current Indications
Nadim Al-Mubarak, Gary S. Roubin and Sriram S. Iyer

6. Stenting for Recurrent Stenosis Following a Carotid Endarterctomy
Nadim Al-Mubarak, Gary S. Roubin, Jiri J. Vitek

7. The Role of Multi-Specialty Group in Carotid Artery Stenting
Michael Wholey

8. Basic Angiographic Anatomy of the Brachiocephalic Vasculature
Nadim Al-Mubarak and Jiri J. Vitek

Part Two: Carotid Artery Stenting Techniques

9. Carotid Artery Access Techniques
Nadim Al-Mubarak, Jiri J. Vitek, Sriram S. Iyer and Gary S. Roubin

10. Step-by-Step Procedural Techniques
Sriram S. Iyer, Nadim Al-Mubarak, Jiri J. Vitek and Gary S. Roubin

11. The Direct Cervical Carotid Artery Approach
Edward B. Dietrich, MD

12. Complications
Nadim Al-Mubarak, Sriram S. Iyer, Gary S. Roubin and Jiri J. Vitek

13. The Risk of Embolization During Carotid Artery Stenting and the Concept of Anti-Embolization
Tako Ohki

14. Microembolization During Carotid Artery Stenting
Nadim Al-Mubarak

15. Carotid Stenting with the Distal Occlusion Anti-Embolization Systems
Michael Henry

16. Carotid Stenting with Intravascular Filter Anti-Embolization Systems
Antonio Colombo

17. The Proximal Balloon Protection: “The Parodi Anti-Embolization System”
Joan Parodi

18. Intravascular Filter Anti-Embolization: Illustrative Cases
Antonio Colombo

19. Technical Pearls
Jiri J. Vitek and Sriram S. Iyer

20. Restenosis Following Carotid Artery Stenting
Fayaz Schwal

21. Limitations of Current Equipment and the Future Carotid Stenting Device
Horst Sievert

22. Neurorescue Intervention
Jiri J. Vitek and Nadim Al-Mubarak

23. Intracranial Angioplasty and Stenting
Phillips Meyer

Part Three: Future Directions

24. Current Status of Clinical Trials and Implications of Anti-Embolism Protection
Robert W. Hobson, MD

25. Statistical Considerations in Investigating the Outcomes of Carotid Artery Stenting
Victoria Howard and George Howard


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