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CDC Yellow Book 2020 Health Information for International Travel

CDC Yellow Book 2020
Health Information for International Travel
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ISBN: 9780190065973
Anul publicarii: 2020
Pagini: 744


  • U. S. government's biennial guide to international travel, featuring easy-to-access health information for both travelers and the health professionals who care for them
  • Recommendations for pre-travel vaccinations and preventative care, plus health guidelines for specific destinations and types of travel
  • Updated to reflect current outbreaks: yellow fever in South America (including guidelines in light of current vaccine shortage); Ebola in DRC; and ongoing concerns around Zika in pregnant women
  • Special sections for tailored to military members, their spouses, and families; travelers to mass gatherings; and humanitarian workers and missionaries
  • Advice for travelers with specific health needs, including those who are pregnant and those with chronic illness
  • Color illustrations and photographs enrich and simplify subject matter and aid navigability
  • The most trusted authority in travel medicine, and essential reading for healthcare providers, the travel industry, multinational business, missionary and volunteer organizations, and those embarking on vacation abroad
New to this Edition:
  • Updated information on new and emerging travel-related illnesses, including Zika, Ebola, and sarcocystosis
  • Recommendations for practicing travel health remotely, via telemedicine
  • Legal issues facing clinicians who provide travel health care
  • The One Health approach to managing zoonoses
  • Road and traffic-safety advice for travelers
  • Rapid diagnostic tests for infectious diseases
  • Guidelines for treating infectious diseases in the face of increasing antimicrobial resistance


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