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Challenging Cases in Pediatric Cardiology

Challenging Cases in Pediatric Cardiology
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ISBN: 9781581103182
Anul publicarii: 2020
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Written in a case-based format, this valuable resource helps primary care physicians in diagnosing and treating children with common and uncommon cardiac conditions. Cases are grouped by treating location: office, nursery, emergency department, and pediatric intensive care unit.

Following the case presentation, each chapter follows the steps of: differential diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, and discussion. Valuable pearls of information are included, as well as "Practice Points," which is a quick refresher on the key issues presented in the case.

  • Refractory Supraventricular Tachycardia and Hypotension
  • Cyanosis Without a Murmur
  • An Enlarged Cardiac Silhouette on Chest Radiograph
  • A Loud Murmur in an Asymptomatic Infant
  • Small Heart with "White Out" on Chest Radiograph
  • Cardiac Arrest in an Adolescent
  • Recurrent Seizures and a Family History of Sudden Death
  • Wide QRS Tachycardia and Heart Failure
  • Wheezing and Recurrent Pneumonia
  • And more�


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