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Clinical Cardiac MRI, with Interactive CD-ROM

Clinical Cardiac MRI, with Interactive CD-ROM
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ISBN: 978-3-540-26217-6
Anul publicarii: 2005
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MRI has become the preferred noninvasive imaging modality for the heart and great vessels. The substantial technological progress achieved in recent years has provided the user with state-of-the-art MRI systems, but their optimal use can be limited by restricted awareness of the potential patient benefit and the necessity for teaching. This extensively illustrated volume, together with the accompanying CD-ROM, has been specifically compiled to meet these needs. Essential theoretical background information is provided, and imaging acquisition and potential pitfalls are considered in detail. Most importantly, structured guidelines are provided on the interpretation of clinical data in the wide range of cardiac pathology that can be encountered. Throughout, the emphasis is on the implementation of cardiac MRI in clinical practice.

Table of contents

1 MRI Physics

2 Contrast Agents for Cardiac MRI

3 Practical Set-up

4 Cardiac Anatomy

5 Cardiac Imaging Planes and Segmentation

6 Cardiac Function

7 Myocardial Perfusion

8 Ischemic Heart Diseases

9 Non-ischemic Myocardial Diseases

10 Heart Failure

11 Pericardial Diseases

12 Cardiac Masses

13 Valvular Heart Disease

14 Coronary Artery Imaging

15 Congenital Heart Diseases

16 Imaging of Great Vessels

17 MR-Guided Cardiac Catheterization

18 General Conclusion

CD-ROM with dynamic images


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