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Clinical Chemistry, Immunology and Laboratory Quality Control

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Anul publicarii: 2021
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Clinical Chemistry, Immunology and Laboratory Quality Control: A Comprehensive Review for Board Preparation, Certification and Clinical Practice, Second Edition presents core topics and 70 case studies that illustrate the application of clinical chemistry knowledge to everyday patient care. This succinct reference offers practical examples of how things function in the pathology clinic with useful lists, key points, case studies and a bullet point format ideal for quick pre-board review. While larger textbooks in clinical chemistry provide highly detailed information regarding instrumentation and statistics, this book is designed to educate senior medical students, residents and fellows on how tests are performed.

This second edition successfully helps pathology residents gain command of clinical chemistry, toxicology, immunology, and laboratory statistics in an effort to help them prepare for the American Board of Pathology examination. Clinical chemistry is a topic in which many senior medical students and pathology residents face challenges.

  • Includes chapters on drug-herb interaction and pharmacogenomics, topics not covered by textbooks in the field of clinical chemistry or laboratory medicine
  • Presents seventy case studies that highlight clinical relevance and errors to avoid
  • Covers important clinical information found in larger textbooks in a more succinct and easy-to-understand manner

Table of contents

  1. Instrumentation and Analytical Methods
    2. Immunoassay Platform and Designs
    3. Pre-Analytical Variables
    4. Laboratory Statistics and Quality Control
    5. Water, Homeostasis, Electrolytes, and Acid–Base Balance
    6. Lipid Metabolism and Disorders
    7. Carbohydrate Metabolism, Diabetes, and Hypoglycemia
    8. Cardiac Markers
    9. Endocrinology
    10. Liver Diseases and Liver Function Tests
    11. Renal Function Tests
    12. Inborn Errors of Metabolism
    13. Tumor Markers
    14. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
    15. Interferences in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
    16. Drugs of Abuse Testing
    17. Challenges in Drugs of Abuse Testing: Magic Mushrooms, Peyote Cactus, and Designer Drugs
    18. Testing for Ethyl Alcohol (Alcohol) and Other Volatiles
    19. Common Poisonings Including Heavy Metal Poisoning
    20. Pharmacogenomics
    21. Hemoglobinopathy
    22. Protein Electrophoresis and Immunofixation
    23. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Hepatitis Testing
    24. Autoimmunity, Complement, and Immunodeficiency
    25. Effect of Herbal Supplements on Clinical Laboratory Test Results


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