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Clinical Methods and Practicum in Speech-Language Pathology

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Plural is pleased to announce it is the new publisher of Clinical Methods and Practicum in Speech-Language Pathology, Sixth Edition.  Instructor, request your exam copy today.

The sixth edition of Clinical Methods and Practicum in Speech-Language Pathology remains a vital resource for students in speech-language pathology who are about to begin their clinical practicum.

The book is divided into two major sections: clinical practicum and clinical methods in speech-language pathology. These sections provide coverage of the structural and functional aspects of clinical practicum in a variety of settings. The book emphasizes clinical practicum is an exciting learning experience. The students will understand what is expected of them in each setting and what they can expect from their clinical supervisors. The book also gives an overview of treatment methods that apply across disorders.

With this book, students will be better prepared to meet the exciting and yet often challenging task of providing ethical and effective services to children and adults with communication disorders. Clinical supervisors may find the book helpful in understanding their own roles and responsibilities better so that they can create a productive and exciting clinical practicum experience for their student clinicians.

Clinical Methods and Practicum in Speech-Language Pathology, Sixth Edition offers a single and comprehensive source of information that will help establish clear expectations for both student clinicians and the clinical supervisors.

New to the Sixth Edition

  • New coauthor, Katrina Kuyumjian
  • new chapter with an overview of treatment procedures that apply across disorders of communication
  • Revised section on clinical methods to include updated information on the current ASHA guidelines on clinical practicum; current legal and professional requirements regarding clinical practicum in educational settings; new and expanded information on assessment, target behaviors, and treatment strategies for all disorders of communication
  • Updated and expanded references throughout

Key Features

  • Chapter Outlines open each chapter and provide a summary of the key topics
  • An end-of-book glossary allows readers to easily find and define important terms or concepts
  • Bulleted and boxed information for easy access
  • Access to a PluralPlus Companion Website, with PowerPoint lecture slides for each chapter and related materials, including a sample treatment plan, lesson plan, and diagnostic report

Companion Website Materials
About the Authors

Part I. Clinical Practicum

Chapter 1. Clinical Practicum in Speech-Language Pathology
Clinical Practicum: An Overview
General Preclinic Requirements
The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
State Licensure Boards
Department of Education
The National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association
ASHA Special Interest Groups
State Speech-Language Hearing Associations
Related Professional Organizations
ASHA Guidelines on Practicum
Clinical Practicum as a Learning Experience

Chapter 2. Organization of Clinical Practicum
On-Campus Clinical Practicum
Off-Campus Practicum Sites
Clinical Internships
General Administrative Procedures
Clinical Supplies, Materials, and Equipment

Chapter 3. The Conduct of the Student Clinician
General Professional Behavior
ASHA Code of Ethics
Other Codes and Regulations

Chapter 4. The Supervisor and the Student Clinician
Role of the Clinical Supervisor
Off-Campus Clinical Supervision
Responsibilities of the Student Clinician

Chapter 5. Working with Clients
Scheduling Clients
Assessment of Clients
Establishing a Working Relationship with Client and Family
Report Writing
Record-Keeping Procedures
Collaborating with Other Professionals
The Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA)
The Internet and Clinical Practice

Chapter 6. Multicultural Issues in Clinical Practicum
Student Clinicians with Multicultural Backgrounds
ASHA Position Statements and Practice Portal Resources
Multicultural Assessment Issues
Treatment Issues

Part II. Clinical Methods in Speech-Language Pathology

Chapter 7. Effective Treatment Procedures for All Disorders
What is Treatment in Speech-Language Pathology?
Core Treatment Procedures Apply to All Disorders
Communication Treatment Procedures are Behavioral

Chapter 8. Target Behaviors across Disorders
Selection of Target Behaviors
Approaches to Target Behavior Selection
Guidelines on Selecting Target Behaviors
Speech Sound Disorders
Language Disorders in Children
Voice Disorders
Disorders of Fluency
Target Behaviors in Aphasia
Target Behaviors in Right Hemisphere Disorders
Target Behaviors in Apraxia of Speech
Target Behaviors in Dysarthria
Target Behaviors in Dementia
Target Behaviors in Traumatic Brain Injury
Target Behaviors in Development Dysarthria
Target Behaviors in Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Target Behaviors in Hearing Loss
Target Behaviors for Minimally Verbal and Nonverbal Persons

Chapter 9. Treatment in Speech-Language Pathology: Core Techniques
Overview of Treatment
How to Evoke Target Behaviors
How to Create New Responses
How to Increase the Frequency of Responses
How to Strengthen and Sustain Target Behaviors
How to Sequence Treatment

Chapter 10. Controlling Undesirable Behaviors
General Behaviors to Be Reduced
Assessment of the Maintaining Causes of Undesirable Behaviors
General Strategies for Decreasing Undesirable Behaviors
Direct Strategy for Decreasing Behaviors
Indirect Strategy for Decreasing Behaviors
Designing an Effective Response Reduction Strategy
Aversive Nature of Response-Reduction Procedures

Chapter 11. Maintenance of Target Behaviors
Maintenance of Target Behaviors in Natural Settings
Maintenance Procedures
Developing Home Treatment Programs
Follow-up Assessments



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