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Clinical Molecular Medicine Principles and Practice

Clinical Molecular Medicine
Principles and Practice
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Anul publicarii: 2020
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Clinical Molecular Medicine: Principles and Practice presents the latest scientific advances in molecular and cellular biology, including the development of new and effective drug and biological therapies and diagnostic methods. The book provides medical and biomedical students and researchers with a clear and clinically relevant understanding on the molecular basis of human disease. With an increased focus on new practice concepts, such as stratified, personalized and precision medicine, this book is a valuable and much-needed resource that unites the core principles of molecular biology with the latest and most promising genomic advances.

  • Illustrates the fundamental principles and therapeutic applications of molecular and cellular biology
  • Offers a clinically focused account of molecular heterogeneity
  • Includes comprehensive coverage of many different disorders, including growth and development, cardiovascular, metabolic, skin, blood, digestive, inflammatory, neuropsychiatric disorders, and many more

Table of Contents

1. The human genome and molecular medicine
2. Cellular structure and molecular cell biology
3. Molecular basis of clinical metabolomics
4. Clinical applications of next-generation sequencing

5. Molecular basis of obesity disorders
6. Molecular dysmorphology
7. Disorders of sex development
8. Molecular systems in cardiovascular developmental disorders
9. Channelopathies in clinical medicine—cardiac arrhythmias
10. Chronic heart failure
11. Molecular pathophysiology of systemic hypertension
12. Molecular basis of stroke
13. Clinical molecular endocrinology
14. Genetic disorders of lipoprotein metabolism
15. Molecular medicine of diabetes mellitus
16. Molecular genetic management of epilepsy
17. The human leukocyte antigen system in human disease and transplantation medicine
18. Disorders of abnormal hemoglobin
19. Coagulation and bleeding disorders
20. Molecular and genomic basis of bronchial asthma
21. Molecular systems in inflammatory bowel disease
22. Molecular biology of acute and chronic inflammation
23. Molecular basis of susceptibility and protection from microbial infections
24. Molecular mechanisms in cancer susceptibility—lessons from inherited cancers
25. Clinical molecular nephrology—acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease
26. Molecular basis of chronic neurodegeneration
27. Molecular basis of movement disorders
28. Molecular pathology in neuropsychiatric disorders
29. Targeted molecular therapy: the cancer paradigm
30. Gene, genome, and molecular therapeutics
31. Personalizing medicine with pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics
32. Integrated genomic and molecular medicine


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