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Clinical Neurophysiology Board Review Q&A

Clinical Neurophysiology Board Review Q&A
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Anul publicarii: 2020
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Updated and expanded, this second edition of the proven high-yield, highly illustrated clinical neurophysiology board review is designed to help candidates assess and refine their knowledge in all domains tested on the exam. With over 880 structured multiple-choice questions, answers, rationale, and detailed answers, this comprehensive review mimics the testing environment with the question types and formats you will find on the exam. Every question has been vetted and refreshed where needed, and new questions have been added to reflect changes to the updated ABPN Clinical Neurophysiology exam content blueprint. The book is a valuable study tool for initial certification or MOC review and covers anatomy and physiology, electronics and instrumentation, nerve conduction studies and EMG, EEG, evoked potentials and intraoperative monitoring, sleep studies, ethics and safety, and advanced topics including SEEG, QEEG, MEG, autonomic testing, and more. A unique "Pearls for Passing" final chapter provides a quick hit review of key facts before the exam.


Clinical Neurophysiology Board Review Q&A, Second Edition is a one-stop review for any neurology exam or practice area involving clinical neurophysiologic testing. Written by experienced authors who are collectively board certified in all of the areas covered, this indispensable resource provides the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed on exam day and every day.

  • Key Features:
  • Contains over 880 board style questions covering all areas of Clinical Neurophysiology with over 80 newly added questions to this edition
  • Each question has 5 answer choices along with detailed rationale and explanations
  • Includes more than 160 state-of-the-art digital images to ensure familiarity with clinical neurophysiologic studies and findings that form a significant part of any certifying exam
  • Includes free access to the ebook for review on mobile devices and computers


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