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Clinical Sports Nutrition

Clinical Sports Nutrition
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Anul publicarii: 2017
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Clinical Sports Nutrition 5e is a cornerstone of the Sports Medicine series offered by McGraw-Hill Education. This complete practical and clinical reference provides the latest sports nutrition information, drawing on scientific research from around the globe. 

All chapters have been substantially revised and updated with contributions from leading academics, physicians and sports dietitians in Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. In addition there are seven new commentaries:

·         A molecular view of exercise

·         Female athlete triad and energy availability

·         Measuring energy availability

·         Treating low energy availability

·         Vegetarian eating

·         Antioxidant supplementation and exercise

·         Fluid guidelines

This respected reference work is an invaluable asset for students and instructors in the discipline of sports nutrition, and is also essential reading for elite athletes, sports professionals and trainers who need to keep their knowledge current.

Chapter 1:     Physiology of sports
Commentary:     The molecular view of exercise
Chapter 2:     Dietary assessment of athletes
Commentary:     Monitoring in the digital age
Chapter 3:     Physique assessment
Chapter 4:     Protein needs of athletes
Chapter 5:     Energy requirements and energy availability
Commentary:     Female athlete triad and low energy availability
Commentary:     Measuring energy availability
Chapter 6:     Weight loss
Chapter 7:     Weight making
Chapter 8:     Disordered eating
Commentary:     Refeeding FAT
Chapter 9:     Bone Health, Calcium, Vit D and Vit K
Chapter 10:     Iron
Commentary  : Vegetarian eating
Chapter 11:     Micronutrients, antioxidants, and phytochemicals
Chapter 12:     Pre-competition
Chapter 13:     Competition fluid and fuel
Commentary:     Fluid guidelines
Chapter 14:     Recovery
Chapter 15:     Supplements
Chapter 16:     Periodisation of nutrition
Chapter 17:     Children and adolescents
Chapter 18:     Masters and veterans
Chapter 19:     Diabetes
Chapter 20:     Allergies and intolerances
Commentary:     Other gut issues in sport
Chapter 21:     Athletes with disabilities
Commentary:     Other clinical issues
Chapter 22:     Illness and injury
Chapter 23:     Travel
Chapter 24:     Heat and altitude
Chapter 25:     Catering



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