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Cognitive Changes and the Aging Brain

Cognitive Changes and the Aging Brain
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Anul publicarii: 2020
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This book describes the changes in the brain and in cognitive functions that occur with aging in the absence of a neurological, psychiatric, or medical disease. It discusses aging-related changes in many brain functions, including memory, language, sensory perception, motor function, creativity, attention, executive functions, emotions and mood. The neural mechanisms that may account for specific aging-related changes in cognition, perception and behavior are explored, as well as the means by which aging-related cognitive decrements can be managed and possibly ameliorated. Consequently, this book will be of value to clinicians, including neurologists, psychiatrists, geriatricians, primary care physicians, psychologists and speech-language pathologists. In addition, researchers and graduate students who want to learn about the aging brain will find this an indispensable guide.

  • Examines the discrimination between brain changes that occur with normal aging and those that occur with neurological and medical disease, which will help clinicians differentiate normal aging from disorders such as dementia
  • Includes discussion of the mechanisms underlying aging-related changes in brain function, providing essential knowledge for clinicians and researchers seeking to understand these changes and trying to mitigate or prevent them
  • Reviews a topic of growing importance, as aging populations rapidly grow throughout the world

Table of Contents

List of contributors
1. Introduction Kenneth M. Heilman and Stephen E. Nadeau
2. Pathology of the aging brain Anthony T. Yachnis
3. Cellular and molecular mechanisms for age related cognitive decline Jolie D. Barter and Thomas C. Foster
4. Neuroimaging of the aging brain Ronald. A. Cohen, Eric Porges and Joseph M. Gullat
5. Changes in visuospatial, visuoperceptual, and navigational ability in aging Gabrielle A. Hromas and Russell M. Bauer
6. Chemosensory function during neurologically healthy aging Jennifer J. Stamps
7. Memory changes in the aging brain Glenn J. Larabee
8. Aging-related alterations in language Stephen E. Nadeau
9. Changes in emotions and mood with aging Erin Trifilio, John Williamson and Kenneth M. Heilman
10. Aging and attention Ian H. Robertson and Paul M. Dockree
11. Changes in motor programming with aging Kenneth M. Heilman
12. Alterations in executive functions with aging Donald T. Stuss and Fergus I. M. Craik
13. Brain aging and creativity Ira S. Fischler and Kenneth M. Heilman
14. Attractor network dynamics, transmitters, and the memory and cognitive changes in aging Edmund T. Rolls
15. Mechanisms of aging-related cognitive decline Stephen E. Nadeau
16. The influence of physical exercise on cognitive aging Jamie C. Peven, Chelsea M. Stillman and Kirk I. Erickson
17. Pharmacological cosmetic neurology Erin C. Conrad and Anjan Chatterjee
18. Cognitive rehabilitation in healthy aging Nicole D. Anderson and Gordon Winocur
19. Preventing cognitive decline and dementia Yat-Fung Shea and Steven T. DeKosky.


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