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Color Atlas of Microneurosurgery: Microanatomy, Approaches and Techniques: v. 1-3

Color Atlas of Microneurosurgery: Microanatomy, Approaches and Techniques: v. 1-3
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ISBN: 9783131364623
Anul publicarii: 2010
Pagini: 1748


Volume 1 Intracranial Tumors, Microanatomy, Approaches and Techniques

Volume 3 Microanatomy, Approaches and Techniques

Volume 2 Cerebrovascular Lesions

The first volume of this updated and revised edition deals with the surgical resection of intracranial tumors. Individual chapters focus on specific intracranial regions, and provide neuroanatomic descriptions of all the major neurosurgical approaches in detail.
With Volume 2, the distinguished authors provide detailed descriptions of surgical anatomy and the major neurosurgical approaches to cerebrovascular lesions. You will find coverage of aneurysms, arteriovenuous malformations, cerebrovascular malformations, and vascular compression- all derived from a wide range of etiologies. Divided into three sections on anatomy, surgical approaches, and underlying pathology, the book demonstrates the most innovative new techniques, procedures and approaches as performed in hundreds of clinical cases. The result is the most detailed and comprehensive microneurosurgical atlas ever compiled, an ideal reference for practicing neurosurgeons and residents-in-training.
The final volume in the acclaimed series provides coverage of the anatomy, surgical approaches, and techniques involved in performing cerebral revascularization. Filled with over 2, 000 vibrant images, it provides the visual instruction neurosurgeons need. Highlights include: - A complete section detailing intracranial vasculature and anatomy of the spinal cord - A case material section featuring a rich diversity of clinical situations to illustrate a variety of microsurgical techniques - Thorough coverage of bypasses, reconstructions, and the use of endarterectomy to achieve revascularization - Presentation of both surgical and endovascular techniques for re-establishing blood flow through the carotid and cerebral arteries - Information on tumors of the spinal cord and spinal vascular malformations, particularly cavernous and arteriovenous malformations


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