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Community Public Health in Policy and Practice, A Sourcebook

Community Public Health in Policy and Practice,
A Sourcebook
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ISBN: 9780702079443
Anul publicarii: 2021
Ediția: 3
Pagini: 368


Designed for public health nurses and health visitors at every stage of their career from students to experienced practitioners Community Public Health in Policy and Practice: A Source Book provides an overview of theoretical constructs and principles for community public health practice, including underpinning research. Written by leading experts the book is designed to support innovation and practice development, including dealing with major policy changes and changes to theory and the evidence base. For this edition the text has been completely reorganised and updated including eight brand new chapters.

  • New chapters include current information and research about contemporary topics such as digital health, economics and implementation science.
  • Updated chapters focus upon relevant knowledge required for current practice, including both seminal theories and research, along with new international frameworks.
  • Brief introduction to the long-lasting impacts of Covid-19, as the pandemic unfolds.



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