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Core Topics in Cardiothoracic Critical Care

Core Topics in Cardiothoracic Critical Care
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Anul publicarii: 2019
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Most patients with critical cardiac or thoracic conditions will at some stage pass through the cardiothoracic critical care unit. Critical care presents more complex clinical data than any other area of medicine. The new edition of Core Topics in Cardiothoracic Critical Care focuses on the latest practise in the management of patients in cardiothoracic intensive care. The practice of cardiothoracic critical care medicine is constantly evolving, and this new edition reflects the modernized learning styles for trainees. Each chapter includes key learning points as well as sample multiple choice questions and answers to assist in exam preparation. This edition also features updated chapters on ECMO, perioperative management of patients undergoing emergency cardiothoracic surgery, and advanced modes of organ support for patients. This text provides key knowledge in a concise and accessible manner for trainees, clinicians and consultants from specialities and disciplines such as cardiology and anaesthesia, and nursing and physiotherapy.

  • The new edition reflects the evolution in cardiothoracic intensive care, ensuring that readers are brought up to date on the subject
  • Has an improved structure following the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM) curriculum, which reflects the modernized learning styles for trainees
  • Contains expanded chapters on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), which is specific to cardiothoracic intensive care, and includes learning material for all readers on the subject

Table of Contents

Part I. Diagnosis:
1. History and physical examination Joe Arrowsmith
2. Electrocardiography David Begley
3. Echocardiography Andrew Roscoe
4. Coronary angiography Stephen Hoole
5. Bronchoscopy Pasupathy Sivasothy
6. Microbiology testing Ruth Capeller
7. Radiology for cardiothoracic intensivists Deepa Gopalan
Part II. Practical Procedures:
8. Airway management (intubation and tracheostomy) Christiana Burt
9. Chest drainage Alia Noorani
10. Cardiac pacing and defibrillation Patrick Heck
11. Arterial and venous catheterisation and invasive monitoring Chris Meadows
Part III. Therapeutic Intervention:
12. Antibiotics and infections Oana Cole
13. Blood products and transfusion Martin Besser
14. Fluid administration Kamen Valchanov
15. Inotropes and vasopressors Charles Shayan
16. Sedation and analgesia Barbora Parizkova
17. Mechanical ventilation (include oscillators, non-invasive ventilation, and differential ventilation) Eric Ortman
18. Renal replacement therapy Marlise Ostermann
19. Nutrition Peter Faber
20. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation Adam Baddeley
Part IV. Advanced Organ Support:
21. Heart failure support: intra-aortic balloon pump Marius Berman
22. Ventricular assist devices Steven Tsui
23. Cardiac ECMO David Jenkins
24. Respiratory ECMO Daniel Brodie
Part V. Acute Disorders:
25A. Cardiac arrest in cardiothoracic intensive care Jonathan Mackay
25B. Cardiac arrest in out-of-hospital patients Lisen Hockings
26. Airway emergencies Guillermo Martinez
27. Chest pain as a symptom Will Davies
28. Dyspnoea and acute respiratory failure Ken Parhar
29. Shock Fabio Guarracino
30. Systemic hypertension Antonio Rubino
31. Pulmonary hypertension Joanna Pepke-Zaba
32. The infected patient Simon Finey
33. Seizures Ari Ercole
34. Acute abdomen in cardiac ICU Justin Davies
35. Cardiothoracic trauma Ravi De Silva
36. The bleeding cardiac surgery patient Jerrold Levy
Part VI. Perioperative Care: The Patient Post Cardiac Surgery:
37. Coronary artery bypass grafting patients in ICU Sam Nashef
38. Post heart valve surgical patients in ICU Yasir Abu-Omar
39. Post-pulmonary endarterectomy patients in ICU Choo Ng
40. Heart transplantation Stephen Pettit
41. Lung transplantation Jas Parmar
42. Aortic surgical patients in ICU Pedro Catarino
43. Thoracic surgical patients Sunit Ghosh
Part VII. Disease Management in CTICU: Incidence, Etiology, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Treatment:
44. Respiratory disorders: ARDS Charlotte Summers
45. Cardiovascular disorders: the heart failure patient in ICU Jayan Parameshwar
46. Neurological disorders in cardiothoracic ICU Max Damian
47. Psychiatric disorders and acute confusional state in cardiothoracic ICU Karin Neufeld
48. Haematological disorders in cardiothoracic ICU Jerrold Levy
49. Pregnancy and cardiovascular disease Kiran Salaunkey
50. Paediatric cardiothoracic ICU Duncan Macrae
51. Grown-up-congenital-heart disease patients in ICU Susanna Price
52. Difficult to wean from mechanical ventilation patients in ICU Michael Davies
Part VIII. Provision and Delivery of Cardiothoracic Intensive Care:
53. Nursing in cardiothoracic ICU and outreach care Jo-anne Fowles
54. Systems and processes in cardiothoracic ICU Alain Vuylsteke
55. Clinical information systems Matthew Jones
56. Medico-legal and ethical issues in cardiothoracic ICU Oana Cole
57. Education in cardiothoracic ICU Amy Needham.


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