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Corneal Topography in the Wavefront Era A Guide for Clinical Application

Corneal Topography in the Wavefront Era
A Guide for Clinical Application
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ISBN: 9781556427183
Anul publicarii: 2006
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Understanding corneal topography is essential for an anterior segment surgeon, general ophthalmologist and optometrist. "Corneal Topography" delivers the information needed to develop an understanding of the state-of-the-art corneal topographic technology and its relationship to keratorefractive surgery. As the popularity of wavefront sensing continues to rise, it is important to keep pace with the latest developments in corneal topography, which remains an indispensable part of anterior segment ophthalmology practice. The improvement in corneal topographic and wavefront-sensing technologies coupled with the advent of an innovative custom treatment approach using these two technologies has ushered in a new era of cornea and refractive surgery with unprecendented superior clinical outcomes. In response to the need for an updated corneal topography reference, Dr. Ming Wang organized a team of over 30 of the field's leading professionals to produce this informative and comprehensive text. Inside "Corneal Topography", you will find a comprehensive review of the science of corneal topography and principles and application of all major topographic imaging systems currently available. Emphasis is placed on clinical use of these topographic systems in addition to pre- and postoperative evaluation and management of refractive surgery patients. New technologies such as topography-guided and combined wavefront and topography-guided custom treatments are presented. The clinical case presentations reinforce the key scientific concepts discussed early in the text as well as serve as a rapid and easy-access reference for the most common examples of topographic problems found in anterior segment and refractive surgery patients. Color figures and topographical maps are extensively used to illustrate the types and features of corneal topography and clinical case presentation. In today's wavefront era, it is important to understand the role of corneal topography in the anterior segment and refractive surgery practice. "Corneal Topography"'s focus and scope makes it a must-have reference for all ophthalmologists and optometrists. Topics Include: Anatomy and physiology of the cornea; Classification of topographic technologies; Scales and conventions used in corneal topography; Principles and applications of major types of corneal topographies; Clinical case presentation of commonly encountered problems in anterior segment and refractive surgery; Posterior corneal changes in refractive surgery; New technology in corneal topography - driven treatment; New technologies in combined custom treatment approach using corneal topography and wavefront sensing.


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