Critical Care Nursing
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Critical Care Nursing

Critical Care Nursing
Preț: 325,50 lei
357,00 lei (-8,82%)
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ISBN: 9780729542975
Anul publicarii: 2020
Ediția: 4
Pagini: 1109
Categoria: NURSING


Endorsed by the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses (ACCCN)

ACCCN is the peak professional organisation representing critical care nurses in Australia


Written by leading critical care nursing clinicians, Leanne Aitken, Andrea Marshall and Wendy Chaboyer, the 4th edition of Critical Care Nursing continues to encourage and challenge critical care nurses and students to develop world-class practice and ensure the delivery of the highest quality care.


The text addresses all aspects of critical care nursing and is divided into three sections: scope of practice, core components and specialty practice, providing the most recent research, data, procedures and guidelines from expert local and international critical care nursing academics and clinicians.


Alongside its strong focus on critical care nursing practice within Australia and New Zealand, the 4th edition brings a stronger emphasis on international practice and expertise to ensure students and clinicians have access to the most contemporary practice insights from around the world.

Key Features
  • Increased emphasis on practice tips to help nurses care for patients within critical care
  • Updated case studies, research vignettes and learning activities to support further learning
  • Highlights the role of the critical care nurse within a multidisciplinary environment and how they work together

Additional resources on Evolve

  • An eBook on VitalSource

Instructor resources

  • Case Study suggested responses
  • Learning Activity suggested responses
  • Additional Case Study answers
  • Image collection, including tables


Student resources

  • Additional Case Studies
  • NEW - test banks for selected chapters
  • Weblinks

New to this Edition
  • Increased global considerations relevant to international context of critical care nursing alongside its key focus within the ANZ context
  • Aligned to update NMBA RN Standards for Practice and NSQHS Standards
  • An eBook included in all print purchases


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