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CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment Psychiatry

CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment Psychiatry
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Quickly and accurately diagnose and treat the psychiatric disorders you will most likely encounter in clinical practice

  • Relevant etiology, phenomenology, pathophysiology, and drug information – right at your fingertips
  • The most effective interviewing techniques and approaches
  • Important evaluation, testing, and decision-making tools and criteria
  • Valuable information on psychiatry and the law, psychological testing, emergency psychiatry, evaluating infants, and more
  • Helpful section on the principles of evaluating and diagnosing patients as well as treatment strategies
  • NEW CHAPTERS on Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder, Opioid Use Disorders, Stimulant Use Disorders, Tobacco Use Disorder, Cannabis Use Disorders, and Gambling and Behavioral Addictions
  • The definitive clinical overview of psychiatric care
  • Designed in the time-saving LANGE CURRENT outline style
  • Covers both adult and pediatric disorders
  • Reviews essential psychopharmacologic and psychotherapeutic approaches
SECTION I: Psychiatric Principles and Practice1 Clinical Decision Making in Psychiatry Barry Nurcome, M. D., Michael H. Ebert, M. D.
2 Psychiatric Epidemiology Daniel G. Blazer, M. D., Ph. D.
3 Psychiatric Genetics John I. Nurnberger, Jr., M. D., Ph. D. and Wade Berrettini, M. D., Ph. D.
4 The Psychiatric Interview Barry Nurcome, M. D. and Michael H. Ebert, M. D.
5 Diagnostic Encounter for Children and Adolescents Barry Nurcombe, M. D.
6 Psychological Testing in Psychiatry Howard B. Roback, Ph. D.
7 Diagnostic Evaluation for Children and Adolescents Barry Nurcombe, M. D. and Michael J. Tramontana, Ph. D.
8 Developmental Psychology Kenneth A. Dodge, Ph. D.
9 Psychopharmacologic Interventions Richard C. Shelton, M. D.
10 Behavioral and Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions Travis Thompson, Ph. D. and Steven D. Hollon, Ph. D.
11 Psychodynamic and Social Interventions James I. Nash, M. D.
12 Diagnostic Formulation, Treatment Planning, and Modes of Treatment in Children and Adolescents Barry Nurcombe, M. D.
13 Preventive Psychiatry Barry Nurcombe, M. DSECTION II: Psychiatric Disorders in Adults.
14 Delirium, Dementia, and Amnestic Syndromes Joseph A. Kwentus, M. D.
15 Substance-Related Disorders Peter R. Martin, M. D.
16 Schizophrenia Herbert V. Meltzer, M. D. and Stephan Heckers, M. D.
17 Other Psychotic Disorders Richard C. Shelton, M. D.
18 Mood Disorders Peter T Loosen, M. D., Ph. D. and Richard C. Shelton, M. D.
19 Anxiety Disorders Richard C. Shelton, M. D.
20 Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Acute Stress Disorder Steven M. Southwick, M. D.
21 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder William A. Hewlett, M. D.
22 Somatoform Disorders Charles V. Ford, M. D.
23 Factitious Disorders and MalingeringCharles V. Ford, M. D.
24 Dissociative Disorders Barry Nurcombe, M. D.
25 Sexual Dysfunction and Paraphilias Richard Balon, M. D. and R. Taylor Segraves, M. D., Ph. D.
26 Eating Disorders Michael H. Ebert, M. D., James E. Mitchell, M. D., Harry E. Gwirtsman, M. D.
27 Sleep Disorders Camellia P. Clark, M. D.
28 Impulse-Control Disorders John W. Thompson, Jr., M. D. and Daniel K. Winstead, M. D.
29 Adjustment Disorders Ronald M. Salomon, M. D.
30 Personality Disorders David Janowski, M. D. SECTION III: Psychiatric Disorders in Children and Adolescents
31 Intellectual Disability Ludwig Szymanski, M. D.
32 Learning DisordersMichael G. Tramontana, Ph. D.
33 Motor Skills Disorder and Communication Disorders Michael J. Tramontana, Ph. D. and, Barry Nurcombe, M. D.
34 Autism and the Pervasive Developmental Disorders Fred Volkmar
35 Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity DisorderThomas Spencer, M. D.
36 Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder Barry Nurcombe, M. D.
37 Substance-Related Disorders in Adolescents and Children Deborah Simkin
38 Depressive Disorders in Children and Adolescents David A. Brent, M. D.
39 Pediatric Bipolar DisorderDavid A. Brent, M. D. and Raymond J. Pan, M. D.
40 Suicidal Behavior in Children and Adolescents Robert King 
41 Anxiety Disorders and Phobias Barry Nurcombe, M. D.
42 Child Maltreatment William Bernet, M. D.
43 Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Children and Adolescents following a Single- Event TraumaBrett McDermott, M. D.
44 Tourette Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Children and AdolescentsJames F. Leckman, M. D.
45 Developmental Disorders of Attachment, Feeding, Elimination, and Sleeping Barry Nurcombe, M. D.
46 Gender Identity Disorder William Bernet, M. D.
47 Psychological Reactions to Acute and Chronic Systemic Illness Barry Nurcombe, M. D. SECTION IV: Psychiatry in Special Settings
48 Emergency Psychiatry Michael Sernyak, M. D. and Robert Rohrbaugh, M. D.
49 Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Catherine Chiles, M. D. 50. Forensic PsychiatryWilliam Bernet, M. D.


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