Current Orthopaedic Practice
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Current Orthopaedic Practice

Current Orthopaedic Practice
PRP: 777,00 lei
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ISBN: 978-3-030-78528-4
Anul publicarii: 2022
Ediția: 2
Pagini: 654


  • Easy access and reference guide on orthopedic knowledge

  • Provides UK-based knowledge for the final FRCS examination in orthopedic practice

  • Bibliographic annotation enables easy access to most important articles in the field

The book is intended as the second edition of previously published ‘Current Orthopaedic Practice’. The book is a unique publication from the UK, which covers the entire clinical orthopaedic spectrum. The FRCS exam is an end-of-training examination for Orthopaedic trainees in the UK. There is a paucity of textbooks published in the UK which cover the spectrum of knowledge required. The updated edition builds on the success of the first edition. 

 This book is divided into 18 chapters, which cover the entire remit of clinical orthopaedics. The chapter on sports injuries has been split into two chapters - disorders of the hip and disorders of the knee. A unique feature which has been retained is the incorporation of annotated bibliography within the text. The list of references has been provided as 'further reading suggestions' at the end of the chapter. The annotated text within the chapter helps the reader to understand the study design and key message from the article. The articles selected for inclusion in the text are seminal  articles, or recent articles which have led to change in practice.

 The line drawings are simple and easy to reproduce. Classifications are  presented pictorially as much as possible, instead of tables, and this helps memorisation.

This book is an essential resource for all orthopaedic graduates, trainees and professionals alike.


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