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Current Therapy in Endodontics

Current Therapy in Endodontics
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Anul publicarii: 2016
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Dentistry has been undergoing enormous changes, and the field of endodontics has certainly been at the forefront. Recent advances in technology, materials, and equipment have changed the way endodontics is practiced today, thereby facilitating treatments with greater efficiency, precision, and success, ultimately leading to better outcomes.Current Therapy in Endodontics encompasses the recent discoveries and applications for this field in one clinically relevant volume.

  • Evidence-based presentation of recent advances in the field of endodontics
  • Objective comparison of materials and instruments on the market
  • Tables present key data and instruction for quick viewing and comprehension

Table of contents

List of figures, ix

List of tables, xxiii

Contributors, xxv

Foreword, xxvii

Preface, xxix

Acknowledgements, xxxi

1 Diagnosis, 1
Reza Farshey

2 Imaging technologies, 15
Reza Farshey

3 Rotary instruments, 27
Priyanka Jain

4 Determination of working length, 87
Priyanka Jain

5 Root canal filling, 111
Priyanka Jain, Mahantesh Yeli and Kakul Dhingra

6 Treatment planning of pulpless teeth, 141
Faysal Succaria and Sami M. Chogle

7 Dental traumatic injuries, 153
Zuhair Al Khatib and Edward Besner

8 Visualization in endodontics, 192
Carla Cabral dos Santos Accioly Lins, Diógenes Ferreira Alves, and Angelo Barbosa de Resende

9 Endodontic microsurgery, 202
James D. Johnson, Kathleen McNally, Scott B. McClanahan, and Stephen P. Niemczyk

10 Lasers, 258
Mohammed Alshahrani, Brian Beebe, and Sami M. Chogle

11 Dental pulp regeneration, 271
Sahng G. Kim

12 Teledentistry, 281
Mansi Jain

Quiz answers, 289

Index, 291


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