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Cytopreparation Principles & Practice

Cytopreparation  Principles & Practice
ISBN: 978-1-4614-4932-4
Anul publicarii: 2013
Pagini: 472 p. 125 illus
Categoria: PATHOLOGY
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Published in Essentials in Cytopathology book series
Addresses fundamentals of cytopreparation
Provides objective standards for inherently subjective processes
Fits in lab coat pocket
Majority of illustrations are in full color
Illustration oriented accompanied by text in outline format

Cytopreparation: Principles & Practice by Gary W. Gill fills a long-standing need for an easy-to-use and authoritative manual on the fundamentals of cytopreparation up-to-and- including microscopy, screening, and data analysis. The text describes in phenomenological terms the most common materials and methods of specimen collection through mounting for gyn, non-gyn, and FNA specimens, as well as the underlying mechanistic bases. The author provides his expertise and information that will empower and enable readers to review and improve their laboratories’ cytopreparatory techniques as they apply to the vast majority of specimens. This unique volume provides facts that are not readily available anywhere. Cytopreparation: Principles & Practice is intended for everyone associated with, and involved in, making cytologic preparations that are useful for their intended purpose. It will serve as a valuable reference tool for educators in cytology and histology, cytotechnology and histotechnology students, cytotechnologists, cytopreparatory technicians, cytopathologists, anatomical/clinical pathologists, pathology residents and cytopathology fellows.

Table of contents


Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Quality Control and Quality Assessment
Chapter 3. Specimen Collection
Chapter 4. Salt Solutions
Chapter 5. Slide Preparation
Chapter 6. Cytocentrifugation
Chapter 7. Membrane Filtration
Chapter 8.Fixation
Chapter 9. Cell Block Preparation
Chapter 10. Papanicolaou Stain
Chapter 11. Cross-contamination Control
Chapter 12. H&E Stain
Chapter 13. Romanowsky Stains
Chapter 14. Special Stains


Chapter 15. Clearing
Chapter 16. Mounting Media
Chapter 17. Cover Glasses
Chapter 18. Mounting
Chapter 19. Köhler Illumination


Chapter 20. Screening
Chapter 21. Bethesda System 2001, CLIA ’88, and Data Analysis


A. Word Notes
B. Arithmetic in the Cytopreparatory Laboratory
C. Standard Precautions
D. Cell Transfer Technique
E. Lagniappe
F. Use of the Word ‘Chromatin”
G. Useful URL
H. Selected Milestones in Microtechnique
I. Screening and CPR
J. Author’s Awards and Publications


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