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Dermato-Oncology Study Guide Essential Text and Review

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ISBN: 978-3-030-53436-3
Anul publicarii: 2021
Pagini: 389
Format: softcover


This book provides clinicians, clinicians-in-training and researchers with a unique rapid-access educational resource on the spectrum of issues at the intersection of skin and malignancy. In it, there is clinical detail provided on how the skin reveals systemic malignancy via cutaneous metastases, genodermatoses or paraneoplastic dermatoses. At the same time, it reviews pharmacologic treatment of internal malignancy and how this can result in cutaneous adverse reactions; conversely, therapeutics for skin conditions can increase risk for internal malignancy. As arguably the most significant cutaneous malignancy, melanoma receives specific attention for its metastatic potential, current diagnostic advances, and recent therapeutic breakthroughs.  

Dermato-Oncology Study Guide: Essential Text and Review serves a critical educational need for clinicians caring for patients with systemic malignancy by creating an easy-to-use resource that provides practical tools to recognize skin signs of internal malignancy. Furthermore it helps in anticipating and managing adverse reactions of therapeutics for systemic malignancy, and gives the reader the opportunity to weigh the risks of malignancy of pharmacologic agents for skin disease.



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