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Diagnosing and Managing Hashimoto's Disease Emerging Research and Opportunities

Diagnosing and Managing Hashimoto's Disease
Emerging Research and Opportunities
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ISBN: 9781522596554
Anul publicarii: 2020
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Once thought uncommon, cases of Hashimoto's thyroiditis are becoming much more commonplace through the increasing use of needle biopsy and serologic tests for antibodies that have led to much more frequent recognition. It is currently one of the most common thyroid disorders with the possibility that it may be increasing in frequency. As diagnostic methods improve, it is imperative that quick treatments are administered to improve the quality of life of patients.

Diagnosing and Managing Hashimoto's Disease: Emerging Research and Opportunities is an essential publication that provides critical reference material for diagnosing and treating Hashimoto's Disease in a clinical environment. Featuring research on topics such as spontaneous hypothyroidism, papillary thyroid carcinoma, and differential diagnosis, this publication is ideally designed for clinicians, therapists, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, researchers, educators, academicians, and students looking for the most up-to-date research on treating Hashimoto's Disease.


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