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Diagnosis and Management of Autoimmune Hepatitis A Clinical Guide

Diagnosis and Management of Autoimmune Hepatitis
A Clinical Guide
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ISBN: 978-3-030-33627-1
Anul publicarii: 2020
Pagini: 166


This text provides a concise yet comprehensive overview of autoimmune hepatitis (AIH). The book reviews diagnosis criteria for AIH, biochemical and histologic findings in typical and atypical cases, and treatment with first, second, and third line therapies. Furthermore, the book discusses management of AIH for specific patient populations, including pediatric patients, pregnant patients, and patients undergoing liver transplantation. Criteria for stopping therapy and risk of relapse, studies demonstrating the efficacy and safety of alternatives to corticosteroids, and diagnosis and treatment of overlap syndromes are also explored in the text.

Written by experts in the field, Diagnosis and Treatment of Autoimmune Hepatitis: A Clinical Guide is a state-of-the-art resource for clinicians and practitioners who treat and manage patients with AIH


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